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Using Science to Detect Art Forgery in Paintings Jehane Ragai

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World Cup Ball Chemistry Quiz

14 June 2018 – Test your knowledge of the World Cup 2018 ball

New Kids on the Table: Is Element 118 a Noble Gas? – Part 3

05 June 2018 – The first synthesis of element 118, its properties, and naming new elements

Commitment to European Chemistry

05 June 2018 – F. De Angelis, Italy, on EuCheMS, ChemPubSoc Europe, the Italian Chemical Society, and his motivation for society work


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Drugs Hitchhiking to Kill Cancer

21 June 2018 – Transport of modified floxuridine by natural serum albumin

Event Highlight


21 June 2018 – Trends and spotlights from the leading show for the process industries


Organic Crystals Twist, Bend, and Heal

18 June 2018 – Thermally twistable, photobendable, elastically deformable, and self-healable soft crystal


Heritage Science: Where the Past Looks to the Future

11 June 2018 – Cross-disciplinary field covers conservation, archaeological, and building science and has deep roots in chemistry



08 June 2018 – Supramolecular complex formation between an anthracene macrocycle and a fullerene

Research Highlight

When Fluorine Meets Iodine

05 June 2018 – Simple synthetic route to fluorinated oxazolines

Research Highlight

Ultrastable Covalent Organic Frameworks

05 June 2018 – Strong hydrogen bonds protect material in harsh conditions


Three Generations of Organic Chemists

05 June 2018 – R. Huisgen, M. Breugst, H.-U. Reissig about their research and what they have learned and envy from each other


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thumbnail image: Tracing Cell Lineages in Living Animals

Tracing Cell Lineages in Living Animals

24 June 2018 – Study on zebrafish embryos

thumbnail image: 3D MetalPentazolate Frameworks

3D Metal–Pentazolate Frameworks

23 June 2018 – Series of nitrogen-rich energetic materials synthesized

thumbnail image: Angewandte Chemie 262018 Capture and Delivery

Angewandte Chemie 26/2018: Capture and Delivery

23 June 2018 – Overview of the latest issue of Angewandte Chemie


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thumbnail image: The Ins and Outs of a Ph_D_ Across Continents

The Ins and Outs of a Ph.D. Across Continents

03 April 2018 – Why would someone do a joint Ph.D. project across continents? What are advantages and challenges?


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thumbnail image: 150 Years Alfred Wohlk

150 Years Alfred Wöhlk

06 March 2018 – Despite many efforts, the mechanism of this still-used detection reaction from 1904 is still unknown


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thumbnail image: Great Architecture and Chemists in Dahlem

Great Architecture and Chemists in Dahlem

Walking tour through Dahlem, one of the richest parts of Berlin and an important historical center for academic research


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thumbnail image: Quiz Chemical Processes

Quiz: Chemical Processes

03 October 2017 – Do you remember which chemical process produces which substance?


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thumbnail image: Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

13 September 2017 – View the lectures recorded at the Angewandte Festsymposium for free


thumbnail image: Gas- und Luftbehandlung

Gas- und Luftbehandlung

06 June 2018 – Die Luftbehandlungslösungen von Munters reagieren auf die heterogenen Anforderungen der Branche

Supplier: Munters GmbH
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