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Clean Fuels Project

12 December 2014 – Saudi Aramco and ExxonMobil joint venture Clean Fuels Project reduces sulfur levels in gasoline and diesel

thumbnail image: Clean Fuels Project

Eastman Completes Acquisition of Taminco

09 December 2014 – Eastman completes $2.8B acquisition of specialty chemical company Taminco

thumbnail image: Eastman Completes Acquisition of Taminco

Printing with Light on Rewritable Paper

09 December 2014 – Rewritable paper based on color-switching redox dyes uses light and heat to print and erase, respectively

thumbnail image: Printing with Light on Rewritable Paper

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Noteworthy: High-Throughput Screening Technology for Automotive Applications

17 December 2014 – Rapid automated screening of parameters for exhaust gas catalyst development

thumbnail image: High-Throughput Screening Technology for Automotive Applications

Noteworthy: Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Ibuprofen

14 December 2014 – Ibuprofen can be synthesized on a large scale in three minutes in a continuous-flow synthesis

thumbnail image: Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Ibuprofen

Noteworthy: 100 Years of Industrial Chemistry

12 December 2014 – Insights into current topics of industrial chemistry written by specialists committed to Ullmann's Encyclopedia

thumbnail image: 100 Years of Industrial Chemistry


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thumbnail image: Searching for Christmas Presents?

Searching for Christmas Presents?

01 December 2014 Still searching for a Christmas present? Editors recommend gift ideas with a scientific flavor


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thumbnail image: Comic Competition: The Winners

Comic Competition: The Winners

10 November 2014 The winning entries in the 2014 Comic Competition have been announced


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thumbnail image: International Expo on Separation Techniques (Separation Technique...

International Expo on Separation Techniques (Separation Technique...

10 August 2015 Recent Advances in Separation Techniques for the Future Benefits


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thumbnail image: Talking in Poster Sessions: Breaking the Ice (1)

Talking in Poster Sessions: Breaking the Ice (1)

07 October 2014 Some ideas on how to make the first move and not wait for others to ask the first question

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International Journal of Dairy Technology

Effect of partial substitution of caprine milk for ovine milk, dry salting and cured scalding on lipolysis in Urfa cheeses

  • Published: 18 December 2014
  • Author(s): Ahmet Ferit Atasoy

Chemical Biology & Drug Design

C ‐Aryl Glucosides with Substituents at the Distal Aryl Ring as Sodium‐Dependent Glucose Cotransporter Inhibitors for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

  • Published: 18 December 2014
  • Author(s): Xuekun Wang, Ying Li, Baowei Yang, Zheng Li, Wenlong Huang, Hai Qian

Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Comparison of Systemic Toxicity between Botulinum Toxin Subtypes A1 and A2 in Mice and Rats

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Yasushi Torii, Yoshitaka Goto, Shinji Nakahira, Shunji Kozaki, Ryuji Kaji, Akihiro Ginnaga

Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

Stimulation of Suicidal Erythrocyte Death by Ellipticine

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Salvatrice Calabrò, Kousi Alzoubi, Rosi Bissinger, Caterina Faggio, Florian Lang

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Dynamical entanglement of stretching–stretching and stretching–bending vibrations in SO 2

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Liangjun Zhai, Yujun Zheng

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Toward the construction of parameter‐free doubly hybrid density functionals

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Neil Qiang Su, Xin Xu

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

A comprehensive study of the solvent effects on the cycloaddition reaction of diethyl azodicarboxylate and ethyl vinyl ether: Efficient implementation of QM and TD‐DFT study

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Mohammad Khavani, Mohammad Izadyar

Color Research & Application

Introducing WLab—Going from Wpt ( Waypoint ) to a uniform material color equivalency space

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Maxim W. Derhak, Roy S. Berns

Peptide Science

Synthesis and evaluation of novel lipidated neuromedin U analogs with increased stability and effects on food intake

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Louise S. Dalbøge, Søren L. Pedersen, Søren B. Witteloostuijn, Jakob E. Rasmussen, Kristoffer T. G. Rigbolt, Knud J. Jensen, Birgitte Holst, Niels Vrang, Jacob Jelsing

Peptide Science

Lipid‐dependent pore formation by antimicrobial peptides arenicin‐2 and melittin demonstrated by their proton transfer activity

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Sergei V. Sychev, Sergey V. Balandin, Pavel V. Panteleev, Leonid I. Barsukov, Tatiana V. Ovchinnikova

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Pressure‐Accelerated Azide–Alkyne Cycloaddition: Micro Capillary versus Autoclave Reactor Performance

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Svetlana Borukhova, Andreas D. Seeger, Timothy Noël, Qi Wang, Markus Busch, Volker Hessel


Selective Oxidation of n ‐Butanol Using Gold‐Palladium Supported Nanoparticles Under Base‐Free Conditions

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Inaki Gandarias, Peter J. Miedziak, Ewa Nowicka, Mark Douthwaite, David J. Morgan, Graham J. Hutchings, Stuart H. Taylor


Across the Board: Licheng Sun

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Licheng Sun


Single‐Molecule Methods to Study Membrane Receptor Oligomerization

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Franziska Fricke, Marina S. Dietz, Mike Heilemann


Discovery of Mono‐ and Disubstituted 1 H ‐Pyrazolo[3,4]pyrimidines and 9 H ‐Purines as Catalytic Inhibitors of Human DNA Topoisomerase IIα

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Barbara Pogorelčnik, Matjaž Brvar, Bojana Žegura, Metka Filipič, Tom Solmajer, Andrej Perdih


The Role of Salts and Brønsted Acids in Lewis Acid‐Catalyzed Aqueous‐Phase Glucose Dehydration to 5‐Hydroxymethylfurfural

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Pauli Wrigstedt, Juha Keskiväli, Markku Leskelä, Timo Repo


Assessment of the 3 D Pore Structure and Individual Components of Preshaped Catalyst Bodies by X‐Ray Imaging

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Julio C. da Silva, Kevin Mader, Mirko Holler, David Haberthür, Ana Diaz, Manuel Guizar‐Sicairos, Wu‐Cheng Cheng, Yuying Shu, Jörg Raabe, Andreas Menzel, Jeroen A. van Bokhoven


Copper Nanoparticles Catalyzed Se(Te)Se(Te) Bond Activation: A Straightforward Route Towards Unsymmetrical Organochalcogenides from Boronic Acids

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Balaji Mohan, Chohye Yoon, Seongwan Jang, Kang Hyun Park


Experimental Charge Density Evidence for Pnicogen Bonding in a Crystal of Ammonium Chloride

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Yulia V. Nelyubina, Alexander A. Korlyukov, Konstantin A. Lyssenko


Li[B(OCH 2 CF 3 ) 4 ]: Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Application as a Conducting Salt for LiSB Batteries

  • Published: 17 December 2014
  • Author(s): Michael Rohde, Philipp Eiden, Verena Leppert, Michael Schmidt, Arnd Garsuch, Guenter Semrau, Ingo Krossing

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Most read articles from ChemPubSoc Europe journals and their magazine ChemViews.

October 2014


Chu, Shuyu; Wallace, Stephen; Smith, Martin D.
A Cascade Strategy Enables a Total Synthesis of (−)-Gephyrotoxin [Communication]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 10.1002/anie.201409038

Xiaoli Liao, Amy E. Rabideau, Bradley L. Pentelute*
Delivery of Antibody Mimics into Mammalian Cells via Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigen [Full Paper]
ChemBioChem 2014, vol. 15, p. 2458

Karen Chan, Charlie Tsai, Heine A. Hansen, Jens K. Nørskov*
Molybdenum Sulfides and Selenides as Possible Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction [Full Paper]
ChemCatChem 2014, vol. 6, p. 1899

Tim Seifert, Anna-Katharina Lesniak, Stefan Sievers, Gerhard Schembecker, Christian Bramsiepe
Capacity Flexibility of Chemical Plants [Research Article]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2014, vol. 37, p. 332

Falk Harnisch, Tunga Salthammer*
Die Chemie bei Breaking Bad [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2013, vol. 47, p. 214

Raju Ghosh, Erik Lindstedt, Nazli Jalalian, Berit Olofsson*
Room Temperature, Metal-Free Arylation of Aliphatic Alcohols [Communication]
ChemistryOpen 2014, vol. 3, p. 54

Ryosuke Miura, Yasunari Ando, Yasuhisa Hotta, Yoshiki Nagatani*, Akihiko Tsuda*
Acoustic Alignment of a Supramolecular Nanofiber in Harmony with the Sound of Music [Full Paper]
ChemPlusChem 2014, vol. 79, p. 516

M. Thommes*
Physical Adsorption Characterization of Nanoporous Materials [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2010, vol. 82, p. 1059

Kockmann, Norbert
200 Years in Innovation of Continuous Distillation [Review]
ChemBioEng Rev. 2014, vol. 1, p. 40

Malte von Seebach, Sergei I. Kozhushkov, Heiko Schill, Daniel Frank, Roland Boese*, Jordi Benet-Buchholz, Dmitry S. Yufit, Armin de Meijere*
Stereoselective Preparation of Six Diastereomeric Quatercyclopropanes from Bicyclopropylidene and Some Derivatives [Full Paper]
Chem. Eur. J. 2007, vol. 13, p. 167

Kalanidhi Palanichamy, Krishna P. Kaliappan*
Discovery and Syntheses of “Superbug Challengers”—Platensimycin and Platencin [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2010, vol. 5, p. 668

Liang Xu, Yongjun Li*, Yuliang Li*
Application of “Click” Chemistry to the Construction of Supramolecular Functional Systems [Focus Review]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2014, vol. 3, p. 582

Elisa Barile, Si Wang, Swadesh K. Das, Roberta Noberini, Russell Dahl, John L. Stebbins, Elena B. Pasquale, Paul B. Fisher, Maurizio Pellecchia*
Design, Synthesis and Bioevaluation of an EphA2 Receptor-Based Targeted Delivery System [Full Paper]
ChemMedChem 2014, vol. 9, p. 1403

Sunil Kumar*, Dominic Alibhai, Anca Margineanu, Romain Laine, Gordon Kennedy, James McGinty, Sean Warren, Douglas Kelly, Yuriy Alexandrov, Ian Munro, Clifford Talbot, Daniel W. Stuckey, Christopher Kimberly, Bertrand Viellerobe, Francois Lacombe, Eric W.-F. Lam, Harriet Taylor, Margaret J. Dallman, Gordon Stamp, Edward J. Murray, Frank Stuhmeier, Alessandro Sardini, Matilda Katan, Daniel S. Elson, Mark A. A. Neil, Chris Dunsby, Paul M. W. French
FLIM FRET Technology for Drug Discovery: Automated Multiwell-Plate High-Content Analysis, Multiplexed Readouts and Application in Situ [Article]
ChemPhysChem 2011, vol. 12, p. 609

Manoj B. Gawande*, Vasco D. B. Bonifácio*, Rafael Luque, Paula S. Branco, Rajender S. Varma*
Solvent-Free and Catalysts-Free Chemistry: A Benign Pathway to Sustainability [Review]
ChemSusChem 2014, vol. 7, p. 24

Christoph Rösler, Daniel Esken, Christian Wiktor, Hirokazu Kobayashi, Tomokazu Yamamoto, Syo Matsumura, Hiroshi Kitagawa*, Roland A. Fischer*
Encapsulation of Bimetallic Nanoparticles into a Metal–Organic Framework: Preparation and Microstructure Characterization of Pd/Au@ZIF-8 [Full Paper]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2014, p. 5514

Francesca Leonelli*, Marinella Capuzzi, Vincenzo Calcagno, Pietro Passacantilli, Giovanni Piancatelli*
Stereoselective Michael-Type Addition of Organocopper Reagents to Enones Derived from Glycals in the Synthesis of 2-Phosphono-α-C-Glycosides [Short Communication]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2005, p. 2671

AG Junge Lebensmittelchemiker [AG JLC]
Lebensmittelchemie 2014, vol. 68, p. 13

Gregory Salitra, Elena Markevich, Ariel Rosenman, Yosef Talyosef, Doron Aurbach*, Arnd Garsuch
High-Performance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Based on Ionic-Liquid Electrolytes with Bis(fluorolsufonyl)imide Anions and Sulfur-Encapsulated Highly Disordered Activated Carbon [Communication]
ChemElectroChem 2014, vol. 1, p. 1492

Sabine Nick
Titelbild: Ganz schön alt! (CHEMKON 3/2014) [Titelbild]
ChemKon - Chemie Konkret 2014, vol. 21, p. 105

Sarah Millar
Tips and Tricks for the Lab: Column Choices
ChemViews Magazine 2012

Most cited this month

Most Cited articles from ChemPubSoc Europe  and GDCh journals


Huaxing Zhou, Liqiang Yang, Andrew C. Stuart, Samuel C. Price, Shubin Liu, Wei You
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Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, vol. 50, pp. 2995–2998

Renata Zofia Jurkowska, Tomasz Piotr Jurkowski, Albert Jeltsch
Structure and Function of Mammalian DNA Methyltransferases [Review]
ChemBioChem 2011, vol. 12, pp. 206–222

Stijn Van de Vyver, Jan Geboers, Pierre A. Jacobs, Bert F. Sels
Recent Advances in the Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose [Minireview]
ChemCatChem 2011, vol. 3, pp. 82–94

M. P. Pandey, C. S. Kim
Lignin Depolymerization and Conversion: A Review of Thermochemical Methods [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2011, vol. 34, pp. 29–41

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Auf der Suche nach stabilen Carbenen [Organische Chemie]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 1998, vol. 32, pp. 6–14

Peter Schroll, Durga Prasad Hari, Burkhard König
Photocatalytic Arylation of Alkenes, Alkynes and Enones with Diazonium Salts [Communication]
ChemistryOpen 2012, vol. 1, pp. 130–133

Saikat Dutta, Sudipta De, Basudeb Saha
A Brief Summary of the Synthesis of Polyester Building-Block Chemicals and Biofuels from 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural [Minireview]
ChemPlusChem 2012, vol. 77, pp. 259–272

Georg Nickerl, Antje Henschel, Ronny Grünker, Kristina Gedrich, Stefan Kaskel
Chiral Metal-Organic Frameworks and Their Application in Asymmetric Catalysis and Stereoselective Separation [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2011, vol. 83, pp. 90–103

Jia-Zhao Wang, Chao Zhong, David Wexler, Nurul Hayati Idris, Zhao-Xiang Wang, Li-Quan Chen, Hua-Kun Liu
Graphene-Encapsulated Fe3O4 Nanoparticles with 3D Laminated Structure as Superior Anode in Lithium Ion Batteries [Full Paper]
Chem. Eur. J. 2011, vol. 17, pp. 661–667

Sandip G. Agalave, Suleman R. Maujan, Vandana S. Pore
Click Chemistry: 1,2,3-Triazoles as Pharmacophores [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2011, vol. 6, pp. 2696–2718

Gang Li, Agus Putu Abiyasa, Junkuo Gao, Yoga Divayana, Wangqiao Chen, Yang Zhao, Xiao Wei Sun, Qichun Zhang
Synthesis and Properties of a Diazopentacene Analogue [Full Paper]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2012, vol. 1, pp. 346–351

Robert Abel, Noeris K. Salam, John Shelley, Ramy Farid, Richard A. Friesner, Woody Sherman
Contribution of Explicit Solvent Effects to the Binding Affinity of Small-Molecule Inhibitors in Blood Coagulation Factor Serine Proteases [Full Paper]
ChemMedChem 2011, vol. 6, pp. 1049–1066

Leticia González, Daniel Escudero, Luis Serrano-Andrés
Progress and Challenges in the Calculation of Electronic Excited States [Review]
ChemPhysChem 2012, vol. 13, pp. 28–51

Kevin Sivula, Florian Le Formal, Michael Grätzel
Solar Water Splitting: Progress Using Hematite (α-Fe2O3) Photoelectrodes [Review]
ChemSusChem 2011, vol. 4, pp. 432–449

Daniel L. DuBois, R. Morris Bullock
Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Oxidation of Hydrogen and the Production of Hydrogen – The Role of Pendant Amines as Proton Relays [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, pp. 1017–1027

Jason G. Taylor, Angélica Venturini Moro, Carlos Roque D. Correia
Evolution and Synthetic Applications of the Heck–Matsuda Reaction: The Return of Arenediazonium Salts to Prominence [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2011, pp. 1403–1428

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thumbnail image: Conference and Trade Fair on Laser Technology (Laser Tech-2015)

Conference and Trade Fair on Laser Technology (Laser Tech-2015)

20 July 2015 Serves as a catalyst for the advances in the study of Laser Science and its applications by connecting scientists within and across disciplines.


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thumbnail image: Chemistry and the Sense of Smell

Chemistry and the Sense of Smell

09 May 2014 A comprehensive overview of fragrance chemistry Fragrance materials are universal, from personal care products to household cleaners, laundry products, and more. Although many of the scents themselves are synthesized in a lab, the actual mechanism of...


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Carbonate Looping

06 May 2014 One of the most promising approaches to capture CO2 from power plants at resonable expense


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Cellulosic Energy Cropping Systems

28 March 2014 Cellulosic Energy Cropping Systems presents a comprehensive overview of how cellulosic energy crops can be sustainably produced and converted to affordable energy through liquid fuels, heat and electricity. The book begins with an introduction to cel...

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