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1st President of the German Chemical Society


22 February 2017 – GDCh Fact of the Month (2)

thumbnail image: 1st President of the German Chemical Society

Lignin Instead of Phenol Formaldehyde Resins


19 February 2017 – Reactive lignin from pulp industry side streams to be used as a replacement for phenol compounds in wood adhesives

thumbnail image: Lignin Instead of Phenol Formaldehyde Resins

Unified System to Identify Hormone Disruptors


16 February 2017 – European Commission should redesign criteria to identify these hazardous substances wherever they are located

thumbnail image: Unified System to Identify Hormone Disruptors

Graphene Enters Fashion Industry


12 February 2017 – Little black dress uses graphene to translate wearer’s heartbeat into power for built-in LED lights

thumbnail image: Graphene Enters Fashion Industry

Evonik's Corporate Venturing Activities


10 February 2017 – Investment in Chinese private equity fund with a focus on agriculture and nutrition sector

thumbnail image: Evonik's Corporate Venturing Activities

BASF Acquires Rolic AG


09 February 2017 – New opportunities for co-developing next generation LCD and OLED displays

thumbnail image: BASF Acquires Rolic AG

Preventing Dendrites in Lithium Batteries


08 February 2017 – 3D network gel polymer electrolyte improves battery safety

thumbnail image: Preventing Dendrites in Lithium Batteries

Bio-Based Polymer Cooperation


31 January 2017 – AkzoNobel and Itaconix sign cooperation agreement on bio-based polymer technology

thumbnail image: Bio-Based Polymer Cooperation

Food From Insects

Author: (Photo VTT)

21 January 2017 – VTT scientists have developed ready-to-use materials for foodstuffs from mealworms and crickets

thumbnail image: Food From Insects

Hydrogen Council Launched


19 January 2017 – Global industry leaders join together to strengthen the fuel cell and hydrogen sector

thumbnail image: Hydrogen Council Launched

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