18th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment (ICCE)

18th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment (ICCE)

Towards a pollution free society

The biennial conference offers a platform for environmental scientists in academia, industry, consultancies, and governmental institutions to exchange information and communicate with collaborators and colleagues


Conference Topics Include

  • analysis and modelling of environmental contaminants,
  • impacts of climate change on local to global circulation of chemicals,
  • nano-size particulate materials and microplastics in the environment,
  • atmospheric pollution,environmental risk and impact assessment,
  • role of chemistry in the circular economy, emerging contaminants,
  • water pollution,
  • innovations in water and wastewater treatment,
  • biotransformation of organic pollutants,
  • green chemistry,
  • ecotoxicology,
  • LCA,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • environmental impacts on cultural heritage,
  • university education in environmental chemistry.


Scientific Committee

  • Antonio Marcomini (Chair)    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Stephan Hann    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences    Austria
  • Adrian Covaci    Antwerp University    Belgium
  • Aleksander Sabljić    Institute Ruder Boskovic    Croatia
  • Michael Costas    University of Cyprus    Cyprus
  • Jan Triska    Global Change Research Institute    Czech Republic
  • Jjaana Koistinen    University of Helsinki    Finland
  • Philippe Garrigues    Université de Bordeaux    France
  • Christian Zwiener    University of Tübingen    Germany
  • Gerhard Lammel    Max Planck Institute for Chemistry    Germany
  • Ioannis Katsogiannis    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki    Greece
  • Krisztián Horváth    University of Pannoia    Hungary
  • Uri Zoller    University of Haifa at Oranim    Israel
  • Loris Calgaro    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Willem T. de Lange    LaMilCo Consultancy    Netherlands
  • Roland Kallenborn    Norwegian University of Life Sciences    Norway
  • Bogusław Buszewski    University of Torun    Poland
  • Annabel Dias Barrocas Fernandes    Universidade da Beira Interior    Portugal
  • Maria Eduarda da Cunha Pereira    University of Aveiro    Portugal
  • Michaela Dina Stanescu    University POLITEHNICA Bucharest    Romania
  • Ivana Ivancev Tumbas    University of Novi Sad    Serbia
  • Ester Heath    Jožef Stefan Institute    Slovenia
  • Silvia Lacorte Bruguera    Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research    Spain
  • Patrik Andersson    Umeå University    Sweden
  • Thomas Bucheli    Agroscope    Switzerland


Local Organising Committee

  • Antonio  Marcomini (Chair)    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Alessandro Bonetto    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Andrea Brunelli    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Elena Badetti    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy
  • Elena Semenzin    Ca’Foscari University of Venice    Italy



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