18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC)

The event aims to promote disruptive catalysis with the objective of building a better world. Worldwide societal challenges including the environment, energy, mobility, and the circular economy will be addressed. The main conference slogan is “Roots and Wings for a Better World”. The event will be an opportunity for “participatory catalysis” by favoring interactions based on digital communication.


  • Molecular catalysis: metal-based catalysts
  • Molecular catalysis: main group and organocatalysis
  • Enzymatic, hybrid and bioinspired catalysis
  • Preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Computational approaches at the atomic scale of catalysis
  • Transient methods in heterogeneous catalysis
  • Chemical engineering and process technologies for catalysis
  • Surface science approaches
  • Photocatalysis
  • Catalysis at electrodes
  • Non-conventional activation methods and media
  • Data as the key resource in digital catalysis
  • Catalysis in refining and petrochemistry: current and future trends
  • Transitioning from refining to circular and sustainable chemistry: transition metal sulfide catalysts at the crossroads
  • Catalysis by metals and metal oxides
  • Single-atom catalysis
  • Acid-base catalysis
  • Catalytic reactions for hydrogen storage and release
  • H2 production and utilization as energy vector
  • Conversion of Nitrogen based small molecules (N2, NH3, NOx, …)
  • Valorization of C1 molecules (CH4, CO, MeOH) except CO2
  • CO2 conversion
  • Conversion of biomass and waste resources – General
  • Conversion of biomass and waste resources – Fuels from biomass
  • Conversion of biomass and waste resources – Chemicals from biomass
  • Catalytic plastic recycling and upcycling
  • Water and air treatment
  • Chemicals and fine chemistry
  • Catalysis for polymer synthesis

Selected Speakers

  • Umit OZKAN
    High-temperature Electrocatalysis: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Benjamin LIST
    Asymmetric Organocatalysis
  • Keiichi TOMISHIGE
    Heterogeneous catalysis for hydrodeoxygenation of biomass-based platform chemicals
  • Jeroen A. van BOKHOVEN
    Advanced Spectroscopic tools applied to heterogeneous catalysis
  • Ulrike DIEBOLD
    Surface Science
    Driving sustainable technology through catalysis
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