2021 Impact Factors of Chemistry Europe Journals

2021 Impact Factors of Chemistry Europe Journals

Author: ChemistryViews

The newest results in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) by Clarivate for journals published by Chemistry Europe are given below.

Chemistry Europe is a partnership of 16 European chemical societies nurturing a family of high-quality chemistry journals.


Analysis & Sensing

Analysis & Sensing publishes cutting-edge analytical and bioanalytical chemistry and sensors research from the entire field of chemistry. The journal supports the community in developing new analytical methods and sensors for rapid and accurate diagnosis or measurement.

Analytical Science Advances

Analytical Science Advances is an open access journal publishing international fundamental and applied research and discoveries in the analytical sciences.


Batteries & Supercaps   6.043   

Thanks to the continued support from the electrochemical energy storage community, Batteries & Supercaps has attained an excellent 2021 Impact Factor of 6.043 against strong competition. This confirms the status of Batteries & Supercaps as a trusted platform for the dissemination of outstanding research on energy storage.

ChemBioChem   3.461   

With its new impact factor of 3.461, ChemBioChem remains a top journal for vital ground-breaking science combining chemistry and biology. Now an official journal of the EFMC, ChemBioChem continues its commitment to support early-career researchers at every stage of their career. 

ChemCatChem   5.497   

With its new impact factor of 5.497, ChemCatChem remains a trusted platform for publishing cutting-edge research covering the whole spectrum of catalysis science. As the European society journal for catalysis, ChemCatChem continues its commitment to collaborating with the global catalysis community, supporting scientists at every stage of their careers.

ChemElectroChem   4.782   

The new impact factor of 4.782 confirms ChemElectroChem’s position as a leading journal for high-quality research in all areas of electrochemistry and related disciplines.


Chemistry – A European Journal   5.020    

Chemistry – A European Journal is pleased to announce its latest Impact Factor of 5.020 which supports the position of Chemistry – A European Journal as a premium multidisciplinary journal of the Chemistry Europe portfolio. This reflects the high quality that the journal’s authors and readers have come to expect and underpins its commitment to providing a solid publishing platform that caters to scientists from all research fields across the globe.


Chemistry—Methods is a fully open access journal publishing high-impact reliable interdisciplinary research on methods development in chemistry. It launched in 2021 and will receive its first impact factor in 2023.


ChemistryOpen   2.630   

In a world where demand for open access publishing is continuously accelerating, ChemistryOpen (Impact Factor 2.630) remains among the leading society-owned gold open access chemistry journals. With rigorous peer review and rapid publication times, ChemistryOpen is an excellent platform for your next open access paper.

ChemistrySelect   2.307   

As a forum for papers that fill in the gaps and smaller details on the chemistry landscape, ChemistrySelect (with an increased new Impact Factor of 2.307) remains among the leading society-owned chemistry journals for sound science publications. With rigorous peer review, ChemistrySelect continues to provide a solid platform for well-performed research. 

ChemMedChem   3.540   

ChemMedChem has a new Impact Factor of 3.540 and remains a top journal covering all aspects of drug discovery—from traditional medicinal chemistry to novel therapeutic modalities. A favorite in both academia and industry, and now an official journal of the EFMC, ChemMedChem supports scientists at every stage of their career.

ChemPhotoChem   3.679   

With a 2021 Journal Impact Factor of 3.679, ChemPhotoChem has established itself as the photochemistry community’s go-to source for timely, high-quality publications covering the entire scope of pure and applied photochemistry, photobiology, and photophysics.

ChemPhysChem   3.520   

With an impact factor of 3.520, ChemPhysChem strengthens its position among the traditional physical chemistry journals, confirming its long-standing status as a trusted source of quality research in physical chemistry and related fields.


ChemPlusChem   3.210   

Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, ChemPlusChem has received an increased impact factor of 3.210, which confirms that it is firmly established as a quality international forum for multidisciplinary research centered on chemistry. Its unique scope extends beyond the borders of traditional chemistry journals and connects researchers across (sub)disciplines and borders.

ChemSusChem   9.140   

With its new highest ever Impact Factor of 9.140, ChemSusChem has strengthened its position as leading journal for all researchers working in sustainable chemistry and clean energy conversion. ChemSusChem’s position among Chemistry Europe’s leading journals reflects the increasing importance placed on sustainability by chemists and chemical engineers working in both academic and industrial research and the journal is proud to represent this community.


ChemSystemsChem is Chemistry Europe’s journal on the emerging field of systems chemistry. ChemSystemsChem covers research in out-of-equilibrium self-assembly, chemical networks and chemical ensembles with emergent properties, such as movement, communication and collective behavior, working together in minimal metabolisms, artificial cells and self-synthesizing chemical factories, and including method development and theoretical modelling.

Electrochemical Science Advances   

Electrochemical Science Advances is an open access journal publishing international studies on important developments covering the entire breadth of electrochemical sciences, including bioelectrochemistry, electrosynthesis, electroanalytical science, energy conversion/storage, materials science/coatings, engineering, and all areas in between.

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry   2.551   

The European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (EurJIC) remains true to its mission of delivering the best in inorganic chemistry content, whilst supporting early career researchers and working closely with our society partners and board members. With an Impact Factor of 2.551, EurJIC maintains its position as a top inorganic chemistry journal.

European Journal of Organic Chemistry   3.261   

With an increased Impact Factor of 3.261, the European Journal of Organic Chemistry continues to be your society-owned publishing partner in organic chemistry, ensuring high-quality content by close collaboration between the editorial team, its international board members, and expert referees. EurJOC works to further strengthen the ties with the Organic Divisions of Chemistry Europe’s society members and supports early-career researchers.

We thank all authors, referees, board members, and readers for their continued support.


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