22nd Annual Discovery on Target

The event covers advances in targets, technologies, and target validation strategies for the development of novel therapeutic agentsranging from biologics to small molecules.


  • Strategies for Targeting Kinases
  • Covalent Chemistries and Induced Proximity
  • Emerging Immune Modulation Strategies
  • Synthetic Biology for Drug Discovery and Therapy
  • Degraders and Molecular Glues
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Small Molecules for Cancer Targets
  • Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets
  • Small Molecules Targeting RNA
  • Generative AI for Drug Discovery
  • Physiologically Relevant Translational Models
  • Target Identification Strategies
  • GPCR-Based Drug Discovery
  • Cancer Antibodies
  • Targeting Transcription Factors
  • AI/ML-Enabled Drug Discovery
  • Drug Exposure at the Target: The Role of ADME and Pharmacokinetics
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