26th ETH Nanoparticles (#ethnpc23)

An interdisciplinary platform for expert discussions on all aspects of nanoparticles, freshly emitted from various sources, transformed in ambient air, distributed on local and global scale, on technical mitigation aspects, particle legislation, and impact of particles on health, environment, and climate. The conference brings together representatives from research, industry, and legislation.


Conference Topics

Aircraft, marine and other non-road sources
Ambient air particles, secondary pollutants
Biomass-, biofuel- and synfuel combustion
Brake and tyre wear, non-combustion emissions
Emission control of combustion engines
Environmental effects
Filtration of combustion and biogenic nanoparticles
Health effects
Impact on climate
Indoor particles
Legislation and enforcement
Nanoparticle formation and transformation
Nanoparticle metrology and chemical characterization
Nanoparticle chemistry and toxicology
Occupational exposure and prevention
Periodical technical inspection for in-use vehicles

Focus Event
«Indoor air filtration of biogenic and combustion nanoparticles»

The outbreak of the COVID pandemic taught us that viruses indeed are nanoparticles, which travel with aerosols, similar to combustion-generated nanoparticles. Both classes of particles are mainly taken up by inhalation. The translocation of sub-200 nm particles through the alveolar membrane and the distribution in the body show similarities too. The formation and release of such particles are quite different. However, their dimensions are similar and the abatement of biogenic nanoparticles can be achieved using similar filtration principles and technologies that have been applied successfully for combustion engines. These aspects will be discussed in the 2023 focus event.

Health Session
The session will provide new experimental and epidemiological results about health consequences of combustion emissions. Special emphasis will be given to effects of nanoparticles on children’s health.

Event Details

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