8th EuChemS Conference on Nitrogen Ligands

8th EuChemS Conference on Nitrogen Ligands

The conference brings together scientists, academic and industrial attendees from around the globe to provide all aspects of the role of nitrogen ligands, following the spirit and style of the seventh preceding conferences during its 32-year-long history. The program will include 5 plenary, 10 keynote, and 12 invited lectures delivered by top-tier international scientists. 28 Oral contributions, several flash presentations, and one poster session will be also scheduled.


Plenary Speakers

  • Angela CASINI (D)
  • Jeanne CRASSOUS (F)
  • Makoto FUJITA (J)
  • Armando J. L. POMBEIRO (P)
  • Jonathan SESSLER (USA)


Keynote Speakers

  • Stéphane BELLEMIN (F)
  • Carole DUBOC (F)
  • Paolo FALCARO (A)
  • Simona GALLI (I)
  • Abhik GHOSH (N)
  • Alceo MACCHIONI (I)
  • VioleZa PATRONIAK (PL)
  • Claude PIGUET (CH)


Scientific and Organizing Committee

  • Claude GROS (F)
  • Jens MUELLER (D)
  • Jorge NAVARRO (E)
  • Claudio PETTINARI (I)
  • Andrew PHILLIPS (IRL)
  • Armando POMBEIRO (P)
  • Anna TRZECIAK (PL)
  • Olivier SIRI (Chair, AMU)
  • Aura TINTARU (Co-chair, AMU)
  • Gabriel CANARD (AMU)
  • Anthony KERMAGORET (AMU)
  • Elena ZABOROVA (AMU)



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