Angewandte 37/2022: Capture, Store, Release

Angewandte 37/2022: Capture, Store, Release

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, C. Agatemor et al. review sustainable chemistry with ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents. Is it a mere fad or the future? The Minireviews deal with radical Brook rearrangements (H.-M. Huang et al.), and oxygen capture, storage, and release by metal–organic frameworks (M. R. Hill et al.), as well as single-junction organic solar cells (H. Yao, J. Hou).

In the original research section, M. G. Humphrey et al. describe giant multi-photon absorption by heptazine organometalation (see picture). J. E. Baumann and G. Lalic achieved a dual catalytic three-component coupling of alkynes, alkenyl bromides, and pinacolborane by differential dihydrofunctionalization. M.-L. Fu et al. enhanced solar evaporation by using a scalable MoS2-based hydrogel for highly efficient solar desalination. Z. Sun et al. used single-atom molybdenum-N3 sites for the selective hydrogenation of CO2 to CO, and C. Hertweck et al. found a specialized polythioamide-binding protein to confer antibiotic self-resistance in anaerobic bacteria.


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