Bayer to Improve Performance with New Organization

Bayer to Improve Performance with New Organization

Author: ChemistryViews

The Bayer Group is implementing a global operational reorganization which they call “Dynamic Shared Ownership” (DSO) to increase agility, streamline structures, and accelerate decision-making. The initiative, which is a response to the company’s challenging situation, also includes significant job cuts in Germany. The joint statement by the Bayer AG Board of Management and employee representatives outlines principles for the company’s future and emphasizes the need for collective action to overcome internal obstacles and return Bayer to profitable growth.

The implementation of the DSO will lead to decentralized job cuts, targeting management and coordination functions among Bayer’s approximately 22,200 employees in Germany. The company says it is offering staggered severance agreements and a reflection period of up to six months for affected employees, as well as a commitment to job security through the end of 2026.B

The company and the employee representatives emphasize their commitment to securing the future of the employees and reaffirm Bayer’s Future Concept for Germany. This was adopted in March 2022 and aims to strategically develop Bayer in Germany.



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