The event is a chemical engineering congress and also serves as the 75th annual session of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. This year’s theme is “Sustainability in Chemical Processes through Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, and Green Chemistry”.


  • Methane Gas Conservation
  • Utilization of sludge gas
  • Photo Biological Hydrogen Production
  • Manufacture of soaps using enzyme
  • Bio diesel from waste cooking oil, industrial processing waste oil recover and algal oils
  • Treatment and re-utilization of medical waste Chemical Engineering
  • Bio-surfactants, Green and eco-friendly detergent & cleaners automation in Chemical Process Industry
  • Utilization Plastics and plyometric waste development
  • Effluent treatment in Petrochemical and other chemical process industry
  • Application of Neural Networks in Chemical Process
  • Studies on breaking Azeotropes
  • Solar energy and its application in Chemical Process Industry
  • Biological application of macro molecules
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Artificial intelligence and its application in Chemical Engineering
  • Digitization and automation in Chemical Process Industry
  • Sustainability Management a path for growth and development
  • Water Desalination
  • AI Techniques in Heat and Fluid Flow
  • Sustainability in Water Conservation
  • Measurement Techniques for heat and mass transfer
  • Blockchain Technology in Chemical Industries
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Nano Materials for Bio sensing
  • Carbondioxide Capture and Conversion
  • Carbon Nanotubes – synthesis and application
  • Catalyst & Reaction Engineering
  • Data mining, Fault Diagonsis & Process Design 
  • Novel Separation Processes


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