ChemistryEurope: High-Quality, High-Impact Gold Open Access Journal

ChemistryEurope: High-Quality, High-Impact Gold Open Access Journal

Author: Chemistry Europe

Chemistry Europe has expanded its journal portfolio with ChemistryEurope, a high-quality, high-impact Gold Open Access journal that disseminates work by international scientists in all areas of chemistry. The journal has just published its inaugural issue including an article by Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn and co-workers featured on the Front Cover!

Submit your next article now to get your free “Video Short” (the offer is limited to five papers!). Let our experts create a one-minute video abstract of your work and turn your findings into an engaging and accessible overview that’s perfect for sharing on websites and social media – extending the reach and visibility of your research.

Open access reaches the widest possible audience, which means maximum visibility for authors and maximum impact for their research. ChemistryEurope will waive article publication fees in the initial phase. Submit now!



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