ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 10

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ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 10.

September 2015


Welcome to the 10th issue of the ChemPubSoc Europe newsletter.
Rewards, Fellows, Interviews, Conferences – ChemPubSoc Europe matters! Please read and enjoy.

The key to success


Latest News from
ChemPubSoc Europe

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV) hosted the ChemPubSoc Europe Owners’ meeting in Amsterdam/Scheveningen in June.

Read what was discussed at this 20th(!) anniversary meeting.


ChemPubSoc Europe Fellows

On August 12th ChemPubSoc Europe officially announced its Fellowship Program and the 2015 awardees.

We proudly congratulate the first fellows.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Professor Luis Oro, the longest serving leader of ChemPubSoc Europe, has brought tons of enthusiasm, excellent companions and plenty of generosity to his career. It is our pleasure and privilege to follow the main steps of Professor Oro’s life, a life dedicated to investigation and to lifting chemical research, and science in general, into its proper place in our modern society.

Read all about Professor Luis Oro and his service to ChemPubSoc Europe.


ChemPubSoc Europe, the Asian Chemical Editorial Society, and Wiley-VCH say thank you to referees

Peer review is an invaluable part of the publication process, which would be impossible without the tireless dedication and commitment of thousands of scientists from around the world. Therefore, ChemPubSoc Europe, the Asian Chemical Editorial Society, and Wiley-VCH are extremely grateful to all those who contribute to the community in this way. Our thanks go to all reviewers for their support in 2014, the top 5% will receive an OnlineOpen credit, worth 2500 Euros, to be used for their next publication…

Click here to read more.

President Herbert Ipser and vice president Werner Sitte with Hugo Ortner, recipient of the Carl Auer von Welsbach Medal 2014 (Photo: Friedrich Gehringer)


The Austrian Chemical Society Profile

ChemPubSoc Europe is the publishing arm of 16 European chemical societies.

Read more about the Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker (GÖCH), which is chaired by Professor Herbert Ipser, Vienna.

Dorota Koziej, recipient of the 2015 EurJIC-Wöhler Young Investigator Prize



Prizes, whether they are Poster Prizes or more prestigious awards, always look good on a CV!

For the prizes awarded recently by ChemPubSoc Europe through its journals, click here.


IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry

Professor Livia Simon Sarkadi, re-elected president of the Hungarian Chemical Society, is interviewed by Vera Köster,
Editor-in-Chief of ChemViews.

Click here to read more.


Personalize your Publishing

Meet the editors of your favourite journals and discuss the things you always wanted to know about publishing with them, perhaps at a reception! Editors will be in Jaipur, Shanghai, Kyoto, Berlin, Honolulu…

Find out where the reception is and who will be where here.

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We would like to thank all authors, referees, society members and readers for their trust in
ChemPubSoc Europe publishing. Show this confidence again soon with your next paper.

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