ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 14

ChemPubSoc Europe

ChemPubSoc Europe Newsletter 14.

December 2016


Welcome to the year-end issue! Enjoy, benefit, and share the news with your colleagues and students!

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 Awarded to Active Supporters of ChemPubSoc Europe Journals


The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 was awarded jointly to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, and Bernard L. Feringa “for the design and synthesis of molecular machines”. All three authors have had a close involvement with ChemPubSoc Europe journals that has lasted more than 20 years and continues to this day: Stoddart is on the boards of Chemistry–A European Journal and ChemPlusChem, and Feringa is on the board of our newest journal ChemPhotoChem. Furthermore, the first ever article published in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry in 1998 was a Microreview by Sauvage. More information about the laureates and a hand-picked selection of their articles can be found in a virtual issue on

Exclusive 30% discount for ChemPubSoc Europe members on Stoddart’s latest book The Nature of the Mechanical Bond, which was published just days after the prize was announced.


Ever Tried Presenting Your Research for a General Audience?

See the first Video Abstracts for European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (EurJIC) and European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC) authors. Take advantage of a Special Offer to present your research in this way: ChemPubSoc Europe is sponsoring 20 video abstracts for EurJIC/EurJOC.
Give us your impression of the videos through this survey and win one of 10 popular chemistry ducks. Follow #chemquackers on twitter to see their latest adventures.


Highest Impact for ChemistrySelect

The article on the conversion of CO2 into ethanol, as discovered by scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is currently the most shared and talked about paper from ChemPubSoc Europe. Enjoy access to the exciting research findings as well as to other most talked about articles from the ChemPubSoc Europe journals.


For All ChemPubSoc Europe Twitter Fans

ChemPubSoc Europe has launched its own dedicated Twitter account. Check out @ChemPubSoc_Euro and become a follower to keep up to date with news related to the family of journals, the fellows, and the owner societies.


Open Access Publishing: Reduced Rates for ChemPubSoc Europe Members

ChemistryOpen introduced a reduced article publication charge (APC) of 1440€ for members of all national chemical societies forming ChemPubSoc Europe. This is to support Open Access Publishing. Submit now! Kate Lawrence and her team are looking forward to receiving your next excellent manuscript and to publishing it fast.

Weinheim Festival of Lights. Photo: Jürgen Eck.  

Merry Christmas, Καλα Χριστουγεννα, Buon Natale,
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Frohe Weihnachten, Happy Holidays…
and all the best for 2017!

We wish you a happy festive season and a good start to the New Year!

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Francesco de Angelis

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