H2O Mach’s Bunt School Competition

H2O Mach’s Bunt School Competition

Author: ChemistryViews

Many plants contain dyes that change color depending on the pH value. The best-known example is that of blue or red cabbage. But what other colors are as good or even better?

The H2O mach’s bunt school competition has set out to answer this by inviting pupils to isolate dyes from plants and use them to measure the pH of water samples. The aim is to create the most colorful palette of pH indicators possible.

The H2O mach’s bunt school competition was introduced at the opening ceremony of the International Year of Chemistry in Berlin and is open to all students in German primary and secondary schools in two age groups: 8 to 12 years and 13 years and older.

The most creative color designers from each age group will win a chemistry show in their school for up to 400 pupils with a party afterwards. For the supervisors of the winning teams, there are experimentation kits on the theme of energy. Second and third place winners will receive books, interactive learning games, water-powered watches and other attractive prizes.

The competition is open until July 15th 2011.


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