1,000,000 Impacting 200,000,000

1,000,000 Impacting 200,000,000

Author: ChemistryViews

Mylab, Polokwane, South Africa, has launched a global project called 1,000,000 Impacting 200,000,000. The goal is to provide 100,000 schools in the developing world with one million Mylab™ natural science and chemistry kits (pictured).

The kits contain the equipment required for students to have the necessary hands-on experience with chemistry and natural science experiments in areas where school laboratories are scare and funding is limited. The Mylab kits are fully portable, fitting into two toolboxes, and are supported by a range of worksheets and training DVDs for both students and teachers. Each kit can have a significant and measurable impact on up to 50 students. By enabling these two million pupils to have hands-on experience, the Mylab team hopes to encourage a better understanding and lasting love of science that will translate into an increased number of scientists, doctors, and engineers to help address and find solutions to global problems.

The project invites individuals from every nation to support and help raise funding over the next 5–10 years to build and distribute the kits.



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