7 Tips to Become a Master Presenter

7 Tips to Become a Master Presenter

Author: ChemistryViews

Getting your ideas across to others is important not only for your career. The way you present something has influence on the opinion your audience gets about you and your message. Being a better communicator makes many things easier.

David Zielinski is the Editor of PresentationXpert, a newsletter sharing information about designing and delivering face-to-face and online presentations. He watched people with top-notch presentation skills to find out what it needs to become a master presenter. In summary he comes up with seven recommendations:

  1. First develop your presentation message and then start creating your slides.
  2. Think about how the audience might receive your message.
  3. Remove complex and confusing graphics; only show the main message or trend.
  4. Don’t create text-heavy slides.
  5. Slides and handouts are not the same and must be created separately.
  6. Keep your audience’s attention by using contrast in your presentation style and/or slides.
  7. Rehearse every presentation, no matter how important you think the presentation is.


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