4th International Green Catalysis Symposium (GreenCat2022)

The event aims to bring scientists from the whole world together to share their recent discoveries in sustainable catalysis arising from molecular metal complexes, including their heterogeneous applications. Clean processes leading to complex molecules and molecular materials, biomass transformations into useful industrial intermediates, polymerization catalysts and biodegradable polymers, and catalysts for energy economy or energy generation will be presented.

The conference is suited for chemists from both academia and industry. Ph.D. students, postdocs, and young researchers will have opportunities to plan their future career and prospect new positions by exchanging and discussing with senior scientists.


  • Organometallic Catalysts
  • Step Economic Synthesis
  • Transition Metal Catalyzed Clean Processes
  • Design of Novel Sustainable Methodologies
  • Valorization of Biomass
  • Catalysts for Polymer Chemistry


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