World Mycotoxin Forum®

This international meeting series on mycotoxins aims to connect food and feed industry representatives with people from universities and governments from around the world. Its main objectives include:

  • providing a unique platform for the food and feed industry, regulatory authorities, and science to create meaningful connections
  • exchanging information and experiences on the various aspects of mycotoxins
  • reviewing current knowledge related to mycotoxins in food and feed
  • discussing strategies for prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination to ensure the safety and security of the food and feed supply, and protect human and animal health
  • promoting solutions for the control of mycotoxin contamination along conventional and organic supply chains.

There also will be three one-day, virtual pre-conferences focusing on specific mycotoxin topics:

  • Human Exposome, 12 October 2021

    Selected Speakers
    – Sarah De Saeger, Ghent University, Belgium (pre-conference chair)
    – Benedikt Warth, University of Vienna, Austria
    – Mark Sumarah, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada
    – Beatriz Arce-López, Universidad de Navarra, Spain
    – Lieselot Hemeryck, Ghent University, Belgium
    – Augustin Scalbert, International Agency for Research of Cancer, France
    – Laeticia Celine Toe, Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé, Burkina Faso / Ghent University, Belgium
    – Michael P. Snyder, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
    – Gary W. Miller, Columbia University, USA

  • Animal Health, 30 November 2021
  • Analysis, 1 February 2022


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