17th Drug Discovery Chemistry

The event is focused on discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates. It is aimed at medicinal and biophysical chemists working in pharma, biotech, and academia.


  • Covalent Modifications & Induced Proximity
  • Protein Degradation Using PROTACs & Molecular Glues
  • Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
  • Encoded Libraries for Drug Discovery
  • Artificial Intelligence for Early Drug Discovery
  • Small Molecules for Cancer or Autoimmunity
  • Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Chemoproteomics & Chemical Biology
  • bRo5: Macrocyclics, PROTACs & More
  • RNA-Targeting Small Molecule Drugs

Plenary Keynotes

  • Gabriel Lander, Scripps Research Institute
    Using Cryo-EM to Explore the Allosteric Regulation of Molecular Glues
  • Laura L. Kiessling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Lysine Mapping for Covalent Ligand Discovery


Event Details

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