Dissipative Self-Assembly (ChemSystemsChem & Chem. Eur. J.)

Dissipative Self-Assembly (ChemSystemsChem & Chem. Eur. J.)

Each talk will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

15:00-15:05 – Welcome and introduction by Deanne Nolan (ChemSystemsChem) and Stuart Beardsworth (Chem. Eur. J.)
15:05-15:25 – Larissa von Krbek, University of Bonn, Germany
                        From thermodynamically controlled towards dissipative systems
15:25-15:55 – Job Boekhoven, Technical University of Munich, Germany
                        Active droplets: Droplets regulated by chemical reaction cycles
15:55-16:25 – Leonard Prins, University of Padua, Italy
                        Programming chemical processes in space and time
16:25-16:55 – Ayusman Sen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
                        Autonomous enzyme motors: From transport to collective behavior
16:55-17:00 – Closing remarks

The event will be moderated and hosted by Larissa von Krbek (University of Bonn), Deanne Nolan (Deputy Editor, ChemSystemsChem) and Stuart Beardsworth (Deputy Editor, Chem. Eur. J.).




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