Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry (IASOC 2022)

Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry (IASOC 2022)

The aim of the event is to bring together leading scientists to provide an overview of the latest advances in the various areas of organic chemistry, with a special emphasis on synthesis and its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary implications. It is mainly directed at last-year Ph.D. students, post-docs, and senior scientists or industry-oriented researchers who wish to be updated about enabling procedures and new tools at the cutting-edge of organic synthesis at the crossroads of biology, medicine, and technology.

The main focus of the 2022 event will be on “The Moving Frontiers of Organic Synthesis”. This theme collects the most efficient strategies, the main targets currently pursued in the fields of life sciences and materials technology, and new approaches to smart molecules and functional systems.

Selected Speakers

  • Anna Bernardi (Milano)
  • Jeffrey Bode (Zürich)
  • Marcella Bonchio (Padova)
  • Mark Bradley (Edinburgh)
  • Erick M. Carreira (Zürich)
  • Matthew J. Gaunt (Cambridge, UK)
  • Yujiro Hayashi (Tohoku)
  • Anna K.H. Hirsch (Saarbrücken)
  • Amir H. Hoveyda (Chestnut Hill)
  • Oliver C. Kappe (Graz)
  • David W. C. MacMillan (Princeton)
  • Ruben Martin (Tarragona)
  • Sara Meninno (Salerno)
  • Anat Milo (Beer Sheva)
  • Valentina Molteni (San Diego)
  • Franziska Schoenebeck (Aachen)


The event is supported by Chemistry Europe.

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