Most Accessed Articles: December 2010

Most Accessed Articles: December 2010

Author: ChemViews

The most-accessed chemistry articles from ChemPubSoc Europe and GDCh journals for July 2010 were:

Rajesh Tripathi, T. N. Ramesh, Brian L. Ellis, Linda F. Nazar
Scalable Synthesis of Tavorite LiFeSO4F and NaFeSO4F Cathode Materials [Communication]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, vol. 49, no. 46, pp. 8738–8742

Peter Walde, Katia Cosentino, Helen Engel, Pasquale Stano
Giant Vesicles: Preparations and Applications [Review]
ChemBioChem 2010, vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 848–865

Qinghong Zhang, Jincan Kang, Ye Wang
Development of Novel Catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: Tuning the Product Selectivity [Review]
ChemCatChem 2010, vol. 2, no. 9, pp. 1030–1058

K. L. Lim, H. Kazemian, Z. Yaakob, W. R. W. Daud
Solid-state Materials and Methods for Hydrogen Storage: A Critical Review [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2010, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 213–226

Klaus Roth
Das Geheimnis des Weihnachtsdufts. Von Anisplätzchen bis Zimtstern [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2010, vol. 44, no. 6, pp. 414–433

M. Thommes
Physical Adsorption Characterization of Nanoporous Materials [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 2010, vol. 82, no. 7, pp. 1059–1073

Honglin Li, Jiangli Fan, Fengling Song, Hao Zhu, Jianjun Du, Shiguo Sun, Xiaojun Peng
Fluorescent Probes for Pd2+ Detection by Allylidene–Hydrazone Ligands with Excellent Selectivity and Large Fluorescence Enhancement [Full Paper]
Chem. Eur. J. 2010, vol. 16, no. 41, pp. 12349–12356

Kalanidhi Palanichamy, Krishna P. Kaliappan
Discovery and Syntheses of “Superbug Challengers”—Platensimycin and Platencin [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2010, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 668–703

Stefan Peukert, Karen Miller-Moslin
Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway as Cancer Therapeutics [Review]
ChemMedChem 2010, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 500–512

Raquel Rondão, J. Sérgio Seixas de Melo, Gundula Voss
Characterization of the Excited States of Indigo Derivatives in their Reduced Forms [Article]
ChemPhysChem 2010, vol. 11, no. 9, pp. 1903–1908

Yun Hang Hu, Hui Wang, Bo Hu
Thinnest Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial—Graphene for Solar Energy [Review]
ChemSusChem 2010, vol. 3, no. 7, pp. 782–796

Ulrich Schatzschneider
Photoactivated Biological Activity of Transition-Metal Complexes [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2010, pp. 1451–1467

Tomasz Fekner, Xin Li, Michael K. Chan
Pyrrolysine Analogs for Translational Incorporation into Proteins [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, pp. 4171–4179

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