Shift in Perspective

Shift in Perspective

Author: ChemViews Magazine

Since 2010, the Collaborative Research Centre (Sonderforschungsbereich; SFB) “Synergetic Effects in Chemistry – From Additivity towards Cooperativity” (SFB 858) at the University of Münster, Germany, has been investigating the interplay of molecular functional units. Chemists from various fields such as molecular chemistry and surface physics work together. 18 Graduates of the SFB have extended their interdisciplinary work for six months by cooperating with the Academy of Fine Arts Münster.

Eleven artists and the chemists discussed and exchanged knowledge, worked together, and were able to extend their points of view. The result of this explorative cooperation was the public exhibition “co.labore” in the Castle of Münster. The artists presented their works ranging from photographs to sculptures. The chemists gave an insight into their research on posters.

In addition to the goal of bringing together artists and scientists, it was important to seek dialogue with the public. Anette Marohn, Professor of Didactics in Münster, supported the chemists in the design of their posters. To strengthen the ability of the Ph.D. students to communicate to a non-scientific audience is one element in the SFB.


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