Maurizio Peruzzini New ICCOM Director

Maurizio Peruzzini New ICCOM Director

Author: ChemViews

Maurizio Peruzzini has been appointed as the ad interim Director of the Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds (ICCOM), Florence, Italy. The institute is part of the network of research institutes set up by the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Rome, Italy. ICCOM consists of a head office and laboratories in Florence, and associated research stations in Pisa, Bari and Trieste. It also collaborates with several laboratories from the CNR, Universities and private enterprises and is responsible for the administration of the Center for Electronic Microscopy (CEME) of the CNR Research Area of Florence.

Peruzzini was appointed by the President of CNR after the previous Director, Claudio Bianchini, retired before the end of his term. As interim Director, he will remain in charge of the Institute until a new Director is formally elected.

Peruzzini, has been a Research Director at the CNR since 2001. His research centers on the activation of small inorganic and organic molecules, with particular emphasis on functionalization of white phosphorus mediated by transition metals, transition-metal hydrides, molecular hydrogen complexes, and hydrogen-storage via hydride compounds. He has been involved in many international and national research projects throughout his career and is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

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