2016 Impact Factors of ChemPubSoc Europe Journals

2016 Impact Factors of ChemPubSoc Europe Journals

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ChemPubSoc Europe Journals

The newest results in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) by Clarivate Analytics for journals published by ChemPubSoc Europe and their sister journals published by the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society) are given below.


Angewandte Chemie International Edition 11.994     

Angewandte Chemie has continued its path as a leading journal in chemistry, increasing both its impact and importantly its output of top quality content again. It publishes considerably more than its nearest competitors while at the same time covering all aspects of chemistry and related fields.

Angewandte Chemie is owned by the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker and a sister journal to all the ChemPubSoc Europe journals below.

Chemistry – A European Journal 5.317     

The new impact factor for Chemistry – A European Journal of 5.317 means that it has remained above 5 for the 11th consecutive year, a testament to the quality of the papers published in all fields of chemistry.

ChemBioChem 2.847     

With a steady impact factor for 2016 (2.847) and an increase in the usage of articles, ChemBioChem remains one of the top resources for chemical biologists.

ChemCatChem 4.803    

With an impact factor of 4.803, ChemCatChem continues to be a leading journal in multidisciplinary catalysis research. As part of the ChemPubSoc Europe family of journals, we are committed to serving the global research community.

ChemElectroChem 4.136     

With a significant increase in impact factor from 3.506 to 4.136, ChemElectroChem has gained ground on its main competitors to become established as one of the most attractive electrochemistry journals in the field.

ChemistryOpen 2.918     

With an impact factor of 2.918, ChemistryOpen remains a strong fully open access chemistry journal, publishing high-quality papers in all chemistry-related fields.


Launched in 2016; will receive its first impact factor in 2018.

ChemMedChem 3.225    

With balanced peer review, rapid publication times, and its new impact factor of 3.225, ChemMedChem is an excellent choice for your next top paper on traditional medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, and now also nanomedicine and patent reviews.


Launched in 2017; will receive its first impact factor in 2019.

ChemPhysChem 3.075     

ChemPhysChem remains one of the best-rated physical chemistry journals in the field, with a good impact factor of 3.075.

ChemPlusChem 2.797     

Combining swift publication times with a balanced peer review process, ChemPlusChem has maintained its position as a journal for excellent multidisciplinary research centering on chemistry (2016 impact factor of 2.797).

ChemSusChem 7.226    

ChemSusChem remains among the leading journals for green and sustainable chemistry and energy research with a new impact factor of 7.226.

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2.444  

With increasing numbers of counter-compliant downloads and rapid provision of page numbers as a result of “continuous publishing”, EurJIC (Impact Factor 2.444) remains a popular journal covering all aspects of inorganic chemistry.

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2.834  

For nearly 2 decades, the European Journal of Organic Chemistry has served as a forum for high-quality research in organic chemistry (Impact Factor 2.834). By maintaining high standards and continually adding new features, such as instant page numbers, EurJOC remains an attractive journal for authors and readers around the world.

We thank all authors, referees, board members, and readers for their continued support.


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