Capturing CO2 Directly from the Air

Capturing CO2 Directly from the Air

Author: ChemViews

Direct capture of CO2 from the air is a complementary technology to the capture of CO2 from large point sources, such as power plants. It has the advantage that it can address CO2 emissions from all sources, including mobile sources, if the technology is operated on a sufficiently large scale. Christopher Jones and colleagues, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, have developed porous-oxide supports impregnated with polymeric amines to extract CO2 from ultra-dilute gas streams that mimic air.

The new adsorbents offered both high adsorption capacity and improved adsorption kinetics compared to conventional adsorbents. Adsorption capacities exceeding 2 molCO2kgsorbent–1 were seen under conditions simulating ambient air (400 ppm CO2 in inert gas). There was also an improvement in thermal stability. Under repeated adsorption/desorption cycles in dry conditions, the new absorbents showed no loss of capacity unlike unmodified adsorbents.

Image: (c) Wiley-VCH

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