Guess the Character (7): Answer

Guess the Character (7): Answer

Author: Cordula Buse

Angus MacGyver, known as “Mac” to his friends, is a professional problem solver/secret agent and protagonist of the TV show “MacGyver”. He holds degrees in both chemistry and physics, and due to a childhood trauma, is avidly opposed to guns.

MacGyver tries to avoid using lethal force under all circumstances. Instead, he incapacitates his opponents by using his knowledge of natural sciences and technology to create devices from readily available components. Examples include repairing a leaking acid tank with a bar of chocolate or building a bomb from reed and swamp gas.

Such simple, yet creative, improvised solutions are named MacGyverisms in his honor. Driven by his wish to make the world a better place, he constantly fights for the little guy, not shying away from tackling big crimes and seemingly superior adversaries.


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