Angewandte Chemie 47/2018: The State of the Art

Angewandte Chemie 47/2018: The State of the Art

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, A. Corma et al. review the building of zeolites from precrystallized units, and their nanoscale architecture. What is the state of the art in interzeolite transformation and molecular engineering? In a Minireview, J. Pérez-Ramírez et al. summarize work on the multifaceted reactivity of single-atom heterogeneous catalysts.

In the Communications section, A. Huang et al. report on a metal-organic framework membrane for xylene isomer separation by pervaporation (see picture). S. Dehnen et al. found [Co@Sn6Sb6]3− to be an off-center endohedral 12-vertex cluster. B. Ding et al. tailored a DNA nanoplatform for synergistic RNAi-/chemotherapy of multidrug-resistant tumors and R. Kartika et al. succeeded in the enantioselective functionalization of enamines at the β-carbon center with indoles.


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