Your Molecule Story

Your Molecule Story


Share a molecule and why it is special to you in a picture, text, or video and have the chance to win a book

Where would we chemists be without molecules?
We encounter them every day at work, but, of course, also in our daily lives. Maybe we do not always think about them being all around us. For some of us, the greatest thing is to have synthesized a previously unknown molecule. Some of us work with the same molecule every day. Maybe we remember the first time we saw a structural formula or the first time we struggled through the rules of nomenclature.

Each of us has countless stories to tell about molecules. This summer, we want to collect some of them together with you. We are already looking forward to a colorful and diverse mix from different disciplines and countries, with photos, graphics, texts, or videos.

Let us know which molecule is special to you and why. Send the structure, the name, a photo, or a video of the molecule. You can be as creative or pragmatic as you like and use what fits your story best.

Send our molecule story via email ([email protected]) or post it on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook and tag @ChemistryViews and #YourMoleculeStory.

We will select highlights from all submissions every two weeks from June 1 to August 31, 2021, review them on, and highlight them on our social media channels. In addition, each month, we will raffle off three of the books listed below among all submissions.

We look forward to hearing your molecule stories!
Catharina and Vera from ChemistryViews

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