Angewandte 52/2019: Thank You and Happy Holidays

Angewandte 52/2019: Thank You and Happy Holidays

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In the last issue of 2019, P. Samorì et al. review chemical syntheses at surfaces with atomic precision. How can such reactions be controlled precisely? The Minireview by J. Lee et al. deals with catalytic materials in lithium–sulfur batteries and their redox kinetics.

In the original research section, W. Huang et al. present amorphous ionic polymers with color-tunable ultralong organic phosphorescence (see picture). K. D. M. Harris et al. found a new polymorph of L-Tryptophan. S.-Y. Liu et al. present a route to 1,2-substituted cyclobutanes through 1,2-azaborine photoisomerization. A. C. Papageorgiou et al. reveal snapshots of dynamic adaption of two-dimensional networks with linear bis-hydroxamic acid molecules. M. Raj et al. introduce CyClick chemistry for the synthesis of cyclic peptides.




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