Author: Stefano Cinti, Valeria Costantino, Adriano Intiso, Elena Lenci, Antonella Maria Maggio, Alberto Zanelli, Sara Tortorella

In early 2020, the second literary contest “1000xChemistry” took place. This contest was launched by the Interdivisional Group of Dissemination of Chemical Culture of the Italian Chemical Society (Società Chimica Italiana, SCI), in collaboration with ChemistryViews.org, to allow those passionate about chemistry to write 1000 words on a chemistry topic that relates to societal needs.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, participants under 35 years of age were asked to write an essay regarding the effect of this emergence on chemistry and vice versa. Themes that the participants chose included research, e-learning, safety, public information, and social media. The pandemic situation positively stimulated thoughts, perspectives, and applications. Thirty-one essays were received and evaluated.

The board committee was composed of Professor Maria Valeria D’Auria, President of the Organic Chemistry Division of SCI, Dr. Sandro Iannaccone, Journalist and Science Communicator, Dr. Elena Lenci, Vice-President of the Young Chemists Group of the SCI, and Dr. Stefano Cinti, Board Member of the Interdivisional Group of Dissemination of Chemical Culture of SCI.

Based on the committee’s evaluation, Dr. Marta Stucchi (post-doc at the Department of Chemistry, University of Milan) was awarded the 1st prize for her essay BE LIKE CEZANNE – Upset Paris with an Apple. Angelo Pellegrino (second-year middle-school student in Bari) was awarded the 2nd prize for his essay A MIDLOCKDOWN NIGHT’S DREAM That Is a Saving Redox Reaction. Francesca Giorgi (first-year student of chemistry at University of Ferrara) received a special mention of merit for her essay “THAT’S CHEMISTRY… BABY!”

All essays were written in Italian. However, the authors translated their creations to allow a non-Italian audience to enjoy them.

Link to essays of the winners with their biosketches:







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