Who Will Win the Wolf Prize?

Who Will Win the Wolf Prize?

Author: ChemistryViews

The Wolf Prize is an international award modeled on the Nobel Prize. It honors between one and three scientists in six different disciplines for outstanding discoveries. Wolf Prizes in Physics and Chemistry are often considered the most prestigious awards in those fields after the Nobel Prize.

About 40 % of the Wolf Prize winners are also Nobel Laureates. Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, the 2020 Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureates, for example, were awarded the Wolf prize in 2020. For a list of Wolf Prize Laureates, click here. Those who have received the Nobel Prize cannot be nominated for the Wolf Prize.

The Wolf Prize has been awarded annually by the Wolf Foundation since 1978 and comes with USD 100,000 in prize money. The award is presented during a ceremony at the Knesset, Israel´s Parliament. The 2021 Wolf Prize announcement will take place on February 9 at 17:00 (CET +1). (it was postponed for one week)


You can find the announcement here and a list of the names suggested in the voting below


Ad Bax  

Aida Takuzo  

Antonio Togni  

Barry M Trost  

Benjamin List  

Bert Meijer  

Carolyn R. Bertozzi 2

Chad Mirkin 2

Craig Crews  

David Leigh  

David MacMillan 3

Karl Alexander Deisseroth  

Eric Carreira 3

Eric Jacobsen  

Feng Zhang  

Harry B. Gray  

Hossam Haick  

Kamil Ugurbil  

Krzysztof “Kris” Matyjaszewski     

Matt Disney  

Meir Lahav one of the Wolf Prize 2021 winners

Michael Gratzel  

Narayana Murthy Sabbavarapu 4

Omar Yaghi  

Peidong Yang  

Peter H. Seeberger 3

Peter Schreiner  

Phil Baran 4

Pieter Cullis  

Raphael Meshulam  

Robert Crabtree  

Shaik Sason  

Sumio iijima  

Takuzo Aida 7

Valery V. Fokin  

Zhenan Bao  


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