Angewandte Chemie 11/2021: The Chemist's Perspective

Angewandte Chemie 11/2021: The Chemist's Perspective

Author: Angewandte Chemie International Edition

In this issue, L. Lu et al. review targeted engineering of medicinal chemistry for cancer therapy, and C. E. Paul et al. summarize biocatalytic reduction reactions. The Minireviews deal with the interfacing of living and synthetic cells (Y. Elani) and 2D conductive metal–organic frameworks for electrochemical energy storage (L. Chen).

In the original research section, B. List et al. unveil the smelling principle of vetiver oil by chemical synthesis (see picture). T. Spatzal et al. present the structural characterization of two CO molecules bound to the nitrogenase active site. E. Santos and W. Schmickler explore the crucial role of local excess charges in dendrite growth on lithium electrodes. J. B. Matson et al. describe the targeted delivery of persulfides to the gut, and its effects on the microbiome.



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