ChemCatChem Appoints New Editor-in-Chief

ChemCatChem Appoints New Editor-in-Chief

Author: ChemistryViews and Charlotte Gers-PantherORCID iD

Chemistry Europe and Wiley-VCH have named Dr. Charlotte Gers-Panther Editor-in-Chief of ChemCatChem, successor to Dr. Michael Rowan, as of May 1st, 2021. The appointment was confirmed at the Council meeting of Chemistry Europe and Wiley-VCH.

Charlotte Gers-Panther obtained a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany, under the supervision of Thomas J. J. Müller. She then moved to the lab of Mike Haley at the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, as a postdoctoral fellow. Charlotte joined Wiley-VCH in 2016.

She spent almost five years on the editorial team of the European Journal of Organic (EurJOC), where she was appointed Deputy Editor in 2019. At EurJOC, Charlotte was responsible for overseeing peer review, the minireview section, and various special issues and collections, including the YourJOC Talents initiative. In the latter, research by emerging scientists is presented. Charlotte also played an active role in coordinating social media activities for both EurJOC and Chemistry Europe.


ChemistryViews talked to Charlotte about her promotion: 


What fascinates you about the topic of the journal ChemCatChem?

Catalysis is a diverse and interdisciplinary field, and ChemCatChem publishes both heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis research in areas such as Biocatalysis, Electrocatalysis, Industrial Catalysis, Organic Synthesis, and Photocatalysis. An organic chemist by training – with experience in homogeneous transition metal catalysis – I am excited to expand my knowledge into other research areas within the field of catalysis and also getting to know many new research communities.

Mirroring these diverse topics, the ChemCatChem editorial team is made up of a diverse group of talented editors: It consists of me as Editor-in-Chief. As mentioned, my background is in organic synthesis, homogeneous transition metal catalysis, and physical-organic chemistry. Sandra González-Gallardo is the Associate Editor. Her background is main-group and bimetallic transition metal catalysis and polymer-supported catalysis. Susanne Poth is Associate Editor with a background in heterogeneous catalysis, especially supported metal catalysis in gas and liquid phase. Rose Puls is Associate Editor with a background in support heterogeneous catalysis and porous materials. Elliot Steeples is Associate Editor with a background in metal complex catalysis, biorefined platform chemicals, and organosilica materials. Junting Chen is Assistant Editor with a background in organic synthesis and 18F radio-labeling methodology development.



What are you looking forward to?

ChemCatChem has always had a supportive Editorial Board of engaged catalysis researchers, which has only recently been renewed by my predecessor Michael Rowan: Thanks Mike for doing a fantastic job! I am very much looking forward to meeting our board members and to working with them to bring ChemCatChem to new heights. Especially with the newly formed Early Career Advisory Board, I see a great opportunity to further support young independent researchers and their groups.

Following the Chemistry Europe spirit of supporting scientists at every stage of their career, one of our projects for this year will be to revive our Young Researcher series. For this series, emerging talents are either nominated by ChemCatChem board members because they are considered key figures who will shape the future of catalysis, or they have received awards recognizing their achievements as independent researchers.



What else is in store for the near future for ChemCatChem?

Over the past years, ChemCatChem has developed an impressive special collections program. For this year we have planned another special collection featuring supported nanoparticles and single-atoms for catalysis in energy and environmental applications, and one together with EurJIC on main group catalysis. On the occasion of the Biotrans 2021 meeting this July, we will publish a Special Collection together with ChemBioChem, for which the Guest Editors Mélanie Hall, Silvia M. Glueck, Karl Gruber, and Wolfgang Kroutil invited a selection of the foremost biocatalysis researchers to contribute.



What do you like most about your job?

One of the first things that I learned when I started working at EurJOC was that publishing is a people’s business. Being in contact with our authors, reviewers, and readers every day is what I enjoy most about the job, especially face-to-face at conferences and other events.

The past year has not been easy in this regard, but a highlight were the EurJOC Virtual Symposia started by Anne Nijs (EurJOC) and me in early 2020. Anne and Ruben Ragg (ChemBioChem) expanded this into the popular Chemistry Europe Virtual Events series, and we are currently planning the first ChemCatChem contribution to this series. Stay tuned!

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