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March 10, 2022

Meet the Early Career Advisory Board of Chemistry – A European Journal (Session 1)


  • Jesús Campos, Inst. Investigaciones Químicas
    Bimetallic Frustrated Lewis Pairs
  • Trevor Hamlin, VU Amsterdam
    Understanding Chemical Reactivity using the Activation Strain Model
  • Rebecca Melen, Cardiff University
    Lewis Acidic Boranes as Catalysts for Carbene Transfer Reactions
  • Mónica Pérez-Temprano, Inst. Catalá d’Investigacó Química
    Catalysis Design through Mechanistic Investigations
  • Chao Wang, Tsinghua University
    Water-Stable and Self-Healing Ion Conducting Elastomers for Electronics and Energy Storage


December 9, 2021

ChemPhotoChem/EurJOC Joint Virtual Symposium: Photoredox Catalysis


  • Timothy Noël, University of Amsterdam
    Innovation in Photocatalysis Through Use of Flow
  • Jola Pospech, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis
    Development and Application of Pyrimidopteridine Photoredox Catalysis
  • Tehshik Yoon, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Base Metals in Oxidative Photoredox Reactions


December 1, 2021

Journée D’Automne 2021 – Division de Chimie Organique

Selected Speakers

  • Christof Sparr, Université de Bâle, Suisse
  • Davide Audisio, CEA Saclay
  • Jeanne Crassous, Institut des Sciences Chimiques, Rennes
  • Sophie Feuillastre, CEA Saclay
  • Yannick Geiger, IPCMS, Strasbourg
  • Julien Leclaire, ICBMS, Lyon
  • Charlotte Lorton, ICSN, Gif/Yvette
  • Julie Oble, IPCM, Paris


October 26, 2021

Angewandte Fall Symposia (October 2021)


  • Helma Wennemers, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Peptides as Asymmetric Catalyst
  • Walter Leitner, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion in Mülheim & RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    Fire and Ice: Catalytic Synthesis using Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide
  • May Nyman, Oregon State University, USA
    Differentiating Zr/Hf Chemistry through Metal-Oxo Clusters: Spotlight on an 80-yr Old Process

September 29, 2021

Angewandte Fall Symposia (September 2021)


  • Li-Zhu Wu, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Artificial Photosynthesis for Chemical Transformation
  • Hiroaki Suga, University of Tokyo
    The Next Generation of Random Nonstandard Peptide Integrated Discovery (RaPID) System
  • Martina Stenzel, UNSW, Sydney)
    Glycopolymers: The World of Sweet Polymers
  • Qiang Zhang, Tsinghua University
    Emerging Energy Chemistry at Li Metal and Electrolyte Interfaces in Working Batteries

September 23, 2021

ChemCatChem/EurJIC Joint Virtual Symposium: Main Group Catalysis


  • Robert J. Gilliard, University of Virginia
    Redox-Flexibility in the Main-Group: Chemical Structure, Bonding, and Reactivity
  • Josep Cornella, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
    Bismuth Redox Catalysis
  • Eva Hevia, University of Bern
    Exploiting Chemical Cooperativity in Main Group Metal Catalysis

June 4, 2021

EurJIC Virtual Symposium: Metal Complex Photocatalysis


  • Hajime Ito, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
    Luminescent and Mechanical Properties of Gold(I) Complexes
  • Jianzhang Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China
    Preparation of Visible Light-Harvesting Transition Metal Complexes: Photophysical Property and Applications
  • Oliver Wenger, University of Basel, Switzerland
    A Search for New Photophysics and Photochemistry with Metal Complexes

April 29, 2021

EurJOC Virtual Symposium: Modern Organic Synthesis


  • Jinghan Gui, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
    Efficient Syntheses of Steroid and Terpenoid Natural Products
    EurJOC Award Lecture
  • Mariola Tortosa, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
    Catalysis to increase complexity – Stereoselective synthesis of sp3-rich building blocks
  • Jérôme Waser, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    Catalytic Multi-Functionalizations with Hypervalent Iodine Reagents

April 22, 2021

ChemPhysChem/ChemSystemsChem Joint Virtual Symposium:
Computational Chemistry


  • Markus Reiher, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Have you ever pulled on a molecule? – Chemical Reactivity by Interactive and Automated Quantum Mechanics
  • Leticia González, University of Vienna, Austria
    Shining light on transition metal complexes: A dynamical view
  • Gabriel Merino, CINVESTAV Mérida, Mexico
    Predicting new carbon and boron molecules

March 2, 2021

Batteries & Supercaps/ChemElectroChem Joint Virtual Symposium:
Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries


  • Philipp Adelhelm, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Material aspects of alternative energy storage: Sodium-ion and solid-state batteries
  • Nagore Ortiz-Vitoriano, CIC energiGUNE
    Towards better understanding of Na-O2 batteries: from materials selection to electrolyte solvation
  • Giuseppe Antonio Elia, Helmholtz-Institut Ulm
    Insight into the aluminum graphite dual-ion battery
  • Magali Gauthier, CEA Saclay
    Phase transformations in alloy-based negative electrodes for magnesium batteries
  • Robert Dominko, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia
    Possibilities and challenges of multivalent organic batteries

February 25, 2021

Empowering Diversity in Science: Gender in Academia and Publishing


  • Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Chalmers University of Technology & Head of Genie, Sweden
    Female faculty: Why so few and why care?
  • Julia Trattnig, Convelop, Cooperative Knowledge Design GmbH, Austria
    Who cites whom? Tackling biases in academia
  • Mia Ricci, Wiley, USA
    Committing to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive publishing environment

January 18, 2021

Batteries & Supercaps Virtual Symposium “Lithium Metal Anode”


  • Alberto Varzi, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    Tailoring the interphase of Li and Li alloy anodes
  • Céline Barchasz, CEA Liten
    Lithium metal anodes for Li/S and solid-state batteries
  • Holger Althues, Fraunhofer IWS
    Processing thin lithium films as tailored anodes for future generation batteries

December 15, 2020

EurJOC Virtual Symposium “Meet the Chemists”


  • M. Ángeles (Tati) Fernández-Ibáñez, University of Amsterdam
    Ligand-Promoted C-H Functionalization Reactions
  • Joseph Moran, University of Strasbourg
    Metabolism Before Enzymes

November 24, 2020

ChemSusChem Virtual Symposium: Lignin Valorization


  • Katalin Barta, University of Graz
    Lignin first! Catalysis, platform chemicals, valorization pathways
  • Eric Hegg, Michigan State University
    Biomimetic lignin depolymerization using small molecule thiols: mimicking the ß-aryl ether cleavage pathway
  • Claudia Crestini, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
    New perspectives in lignin valorization: nanoparticles and nanocapsules
  • Changzhi Li, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
    Catalytic valorization of lignin towards selective strategies

November 17, 2020

1st ChemistryOpen Virtual Symposium on Open Data and Open-Source Research


  • Matthew Todd, University College London, UK
    Accelerating Drug Discovery with Open Source Chemistry Networks
  • Rommie Amaro, University of California, San Diego, USA
    The Importance of Open Science in the Fight Against COVID-19
  • Alberto Pepe, Atypon Systems LLC, USA
    Taking the Open Source Paradigm to Publishing: Data, Code, and Notebooks for Open Research

October 22, 2020

2nd ChemPhysChem Virtual Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry


  • Fraser Stoddart, Northwestern University, USA
  • Nathalie Busschaert, Tulane University, USA
    Alternative applications of synthetic transmembrane transporters: from optimizing optical sensors to drug delivery
  • Carson Bruns, University of Colorado, USA
    CH-Pi stabilized supramolecular and mechanomolecular organic semiconductors based on cycloparaphenylenes
  • Steve Goldup, University of Southampton, UK
    Synthesis and Applications of Interlocked Molecules

October 14, 2020

3rd ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium “Chemical Translational Biology”


  • Yael David, Sloan Kettering Institute
    Uncovering Cancer-Associated Epigenetic Events Using Novel Chemical Tools
  • Jeremy Baskin, Cornell University
    Chemical Tools that IMPACT Lipid Signaling
  • Vishal Rai, IISER Bhopal
    Chemical Technologies Empowering Biologics with Precision and Modularity

September 30, 2020

EurJOC Virtual Symposium – Special Edition
Journeé DCO – EurJOC


  • Matthieu Sollogoub, Sorbonne Université, President DCO
  • Frances Arnold, California Institute of Technology
    Innovation by Evolution: Bringing New Chemistry to Life (not included in the recording)
  • Thomas Carell, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    The Second Dimension of the Genetic Code
  • Jean-Francois Nierengarten, Université de Strasbourg
    Fullerene and Pillar[5]arene Scaffolds for the Preparation of Advanced Materials and Bioactive Compounds
  • Xavier Bugaut, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires, Marseille
    Combining Organocatalysis with Central-to-Axial Conversion of Chirality for the Enantioselective Synthesis of Atropoisomers
  • Ludovic Favereau, Institut des Sciences Chimiques, Rennes
    A Polarized Spotlight on Chiral Molecular Materials

(see links on the right for separate recordings)

August 31, 2020

25th Anniversary Virtual Symposium of Chemistry – A European Journal


  • Clare Grey, University of Cambridge
    Developing and applying new tools to understand how materials for Li and “beyond-Li” battery technologies function and fail
  • Kuiling Ding, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
    A Story of SKP/Pd Catalysts: Mechanistic Understanding, Process Innovation & Drug Discovery
  • Nuno Maulide, Universität Wien
    Using Rearrangements to Make Difficult Bonds
  • Jean-Franҫois Nierengarten, Université de Strasbourg
    Fullerene and Pillar[5]arene Scaffolds for the Preparation of Advanced Materials and Bioactive Compounds
  • Angela Casini, Technische Universität München
    Bioinorganic Chemistry as an Enabling Technology
  • Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow
    Computing with Chemical Reactions

July 28, 2020

Chemistry Europe Voices – Self Care is not the Enemy of Performance


  • Jen Heemstra, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

July 8, 2020

2nd ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium


  • Gilles Gasser, Chimie ParisTech
    Selective Delivery of Ruthenium-based Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy
  • Seth Cohen, UC San Diego
    The Development of Metal-Binding Isosteres for Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
  • Marie Heffern, UC Davis
    Untangling the Extracellular Bioinorganic Space and its Implications in Health

July 1, 2020

3rd EurJOC Virtual Symposium


  • Varinder K. Aggarwal, University of Bristol
    Assembly Line Synthesis
  • Tatiana Besset, INSA de Rouen, Université de Rouen
    Sulfur and Fluorine: An Efficient Partnership
  • Josep Cornellà, MPI für Kohlenforschung
    New Catalysts and Reagents for Organic Synthesis

May 27, 2020

1st ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium


  • Tom Grossmann, VU Amsterdam
    In Situ Cyclization of Proteins (INCYPRO) – Stabilizing protein tertiary structures with synthetic scaffolds
  • Alison Narayan, University of Michigan
    Biocatalysis and complex molecule synthesis
  • Gonçalo Bernardes, University of Cambridge
    Translational antibody bioconjugation

April 22, 2020

2nd EurJOC Virtual Symposium


  • Paolo Melchiorre, ICIQ Tarragona
    Asymmetric Catalysis in the Excited State
  • Cristina Nevado, University of Zurich
    Mechanistic Puzzles in Metal-Catalyzed Reactions
  • Tobias Ritter, MPI für Kohlenforschung
    Late-Stage Functionalizations

February 26, 2020

1st EurJOC Virtual Symposium


  • Nuno Maulide, University of Vienna, Austria
    The beautiful simplicity of rearrangements: a tale of flying hydrides
  • Géraldine Masson, Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
    Organocatalysis: A Versatile Tool for the Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles



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