Guess the Character (10): Answer

Guess the Character (10): Answer

Author: Catharina Goedecke

Robert Bruce Banner is a scientist from the Marvel comic book and cinematic universes. He usually goes by his middle name and is known as Bruce Banner. He has seven Ph.D.s in addition to an M.D. and is an expert in nuclear physics and biochemistry, among other topics. He has a particular interest in gamma radiation. He occasionally transforms involuntarily into a huge green creature with enormous strength, the Hulk, that Banner has no control over—usually when he is overcome by anger or rage.

The transformation to the Hulk was caused by an experiment aimed at creating a super soldier serum, similar to the one originally developed by Abraham Erskine during World War II that was used to create Captain America. However, Banner was kept in the dark and told by his superiors that he was recreating a serum designed to prevent radiation poisoning. He tested the serum on himself. During this test, he exposed himself to high levels of gamma radiation and the experiment went awry, creating the Hulk.

The rather mild-mannered scientist Banner tries to keep the Hulk in check and prevent him from doing damage, using breathing and meditation techniques to control his emotions and avoid the transformation. However, the Hulk can also be an asset: Banner/Hulk frequently teams up with the Avengers, the superhero team well-known from the popular Marvel movie franchise. There, both his skills as a scientist and the strength of Hulk often come in useful.


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