ChemistryViews Crossword Puzzle Results

ChemistryViews Crossword Puzzle Results

Author: ChemistryViews

Today we present the results of our big January chemistry crossword puzzle and the lucky winners. We hope you had fun guessing. Many thanks to all who participated.

We drew three book winners from all correct answers. Congratulations to: Marzia Dell’Aera, David Gonzales, Thomas Moragues
and the winners of the additional prizes.

Below you can find the solutions:


ChemistryViews Crossword Quiz Answers


1. Complexes of two or more molecules formed via non-covalent interactions. – Supermolecules
2. Triatomic allotrope of oxygen. – Ozone
3. Systematic IUPAC name for NH3. – Azane
4. Fundamental building blocks of proteins. – Amino acids
5. Which gas composes the bubbles in champagne? – Carbon dioxide
6. What is the product of the anaerobic digestion of Vigna subterranea chaff? – Biogas
7. What is the correct name of the first breakdown product of ethanol in our body? – Ethanal
8. Least dense metallic element. – Lithium
9. Three-dimensional porous silicate. – Zeolite
10. Which element was considered the heaviest non-radioactive element until 2003? – Bismuth
11. After which U.S. state was recently an element named recently? – Tennessee
12. First name of the discoverer of penicillin. – Alexander
13. First name of the scientist known for pioneering research in the field of surface tension and the measurement of surface films. – Agnes
14. The city where the European Chemicals Agency is located. – Helsinki
15. An alternative name for tungsten. – Wolfram
16. What was the first artificially produced element? – Technetium
17. What was the 2021 Chemistry Nobel Prize awarded for? – Organocatalysis
18. Synthetic prostaglandin which is related structurally to naturally occurring prostaglandin. – Misoprostol
19. What is the symbol of the element with the electron configuration [He]2s22p4? – O
20. Which element is contained in the characteristic fragrance of asparagus urine? – Sulfur


21. What is the name of our youngest noble gas? – Oganesson
22. Private investor who provides financial backing for small start-ups and entrepreneurs. – Angel
23. Looking at the sea inspired this researcher to do work that led to a scattering effect named after him (… effect). – Raman
24. Name of a widely used transition-metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction (… coupling). – Negishi
25. Which metabolic process produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes? – Fermentation
26. Abbreviation of the Hungarian Chemical Society. – MKE
27. A lipid used in the BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. – Cholesterol
28. Molecules made from just carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. – Carbohydrates
29. Software application to store and exchange data on intrinsic and hazard properties of chemical substances. – IUCLID
30. EU’s chemicals legislation that aims to protect people and the environment from chemical risks. – REACH
31. Element discovered by Marie Curie. – Polonium
32. Heaviest naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen. – Tritium
33. Pioneer of the study of self-assembling peptide amphiphiles (first name). – Samuel
34. An artificial molecule that can generate a detectable change upon interacting with a target molecule or ion. – Chemosensor
35. These sub-compartments inside cells are actually all different types of chemical reactors. – Organelles
36. Element with the highest electron affinity. – Chlorine
37. What is the name of the reaction of amino acids and sugars that causes the wonderful smell of fresh bread? – Maillard
38. In 2022, we will commemorate 100 years since Jaroslav Heyrovský discovered an electrochemical analytical method for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1959. The name of the method is: – Polarography
39. Who is regarded as the father of physical chemistry (last name)? – Ostwald
40. The main product of the Haber-Bosch process. – Ammonia
41. Field of chemistry dealing with non-covalent interactions (… chemistry). – Supramolecular
42. Medical masks are made of several layers of which the inner filtering layers usually consist of a fine, melt-blown polymer fleece. Which polymer protects us from the coronavirus? – Polypropylene
43. Element with atomic number 44 (element symbol)? – Ru




We would like to thank the following persons for their assistance with the questions: Charlotte Gers-Panther (Germany); Cynthia Ibeto (Nigeria); Daniel Rabinovich (USA); Doris Fischer-Henningsen (Germany); Eva Benešová (Czech Republic); Hanna-Kaisa Torkkeli (Findland); Javier García Martinez (Spain); João Borges (Portugal); Klaus Roth (Germany); Ruben Ragg (Germany); Tsuyoshi Minami (Japan); Yamuna Krishnan (USA).


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