Biomimetic Iron Complex for C—H Activation

Biomimetic Iron Complex for C—H Activation

Author: ChemViews

The selective and efficient activation of C—H bonds is one of the major goals in chemistry. Complexes that mimic biological enzymes containing non-heme high-spin FeIV=O active-sites that can perform reactions such as C—H bond hydroxylation are of great interest for C—H activation. However, FeIV–oxo complexes in high-spin states are highly reactive and have short lifespans.

Richard O’Hair and co-workers, University of Melbourne, Australia, have studied the gas-phase synthesis and reaction of the high-spin complex [(bpg)FeIV=O]+ (bpg = N,N-bis(2-pyridinylmethyl)glycinato). The complex activates the αC—H bond of methanol and ethanol through H abstraction by the FeO group. This work could provide insights into the chemistry of Fe–oxo enzyme active sites and help direct the development of long-lived condensed-phase catalysts for C—H activation.

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