Unusual Heteroleptic Selenite

Unusual Heteroleptic Selenite

Author: ChemViews

New bonding modes in complexes that display interesting magnetic properties develop our understanding of molecular magnetism. Complexes of selenites and tellurites have displayed useful properties such as second-order nonlinear behavior, ferroelectricity, and piezoelectricity. In addition, when bridging two metal cations, these ligands permit magnetic exchange between paramagnetic centers.

A group of scientists led by Massimiliano Delferro, Northwestern University, USA, and Giovanni Predieri, University of Parma, Italy, report a new and unusual coordination mode (µ24O,O’:O’,O”) of the selenite group in the heteroleptic complex [{Ni(TMEDA)SeO3}2] (see picture). The two nickel ions are antiferromagnetically coupled with J = –25.7 ± 0.1 cm–1, in good agreement with DFT calculations.

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