KCS-Wiley Young Chemist Award 2011

KCS-Wiley Young Chemist Award 2011

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The KCS-Wiley Young Scholar Award is presented jointly by the Korean Chemical Society and John Wiley & Sons. Two winners under the age of 40, who hold a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, and are of Korean nationality are selected every year for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the community. Each winner receives a certificate and a US $500 book voucher.

The 2011 prize was awarded to Wonjong Kim (left), Pohang University of Science and Technology, and Moonhyun Oh (left), Yonsei University, both Korea.

Wonjong Kim
studied at Hanyang University, Korea, for his B.Sc. and at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, for his M.Sc. He gained his Ph.D. from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001 under the supervision of Professor Toshihiro Akaike. In 2007, he joined the Pohang University of Science and Technology faculty and was promoted to Associate Professor in September 2011. His research interests include non-viral polymeric gene carriers, siRNA gene therapy targets and the high resolution detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms. 

Moonhyun Oh studied at Sogang University, Korea, where he got both his B.Sc. and M.Sc. He received his Ph.D in 2003 from Brown University, USA, in the group of Professor Dwight Sweigart. After two years as a Post-Doctoral Assistant in the group of Professor Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University, USA, Oh took up an assistant professorship at Yonsei University, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2009. His research involves nano- and micro-sized materials from porous coordination polymers and their applications as heterogeneous catalysts, chemical & biological sensors, and as a means to store gases.

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