Surprises in Iron(II) Coordination Chemistry

Surprises in Iron(II) Coordination Chemistry

Author: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

Designing environmentally friendly homogeneous oxygenation catalysts is still a challenge in chemistry. Natural iron-dependent oxidative enzymes, for example Rieske dioxygenases, such as naphthalene dioxygenase, provide inspiration for researchers.

A biomimetic approach based on Rieske dioxygenase mimics was undertaken by a group of French scientists from Grenoble led by Stéphane Ménage to design a ligand for oxidation catalysts. In the process, they structurally characterized a rare ferrous complex bearing a carboxylate ligand binding through oxygen with an exceptional coordination number of seven. They report the oxidation of challenging trans-aliphatic olefin substrates with H2O2 as the oxidant, in which the carboxylate ligand seems to play an important role.

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