New Year’s Greetings from GDCh President

New Year’s Greetings from GDCh President

Author: ChemViews

In her New Year’s Message in Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the membership magazine of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), the new president Professor Barbara Albert introduces herself to the membership. She says that the GDCh unites approx. 30,000 people for all of whom chemistry plays a special role in their life. This enables the society to take on responsibility for chemistry in Germany. For Professor Albert it is of great concern to take responsibility for encouraging young talent, good general conditions for the chemical industry and academic research institutions, as well as for the mediation of chemistry to the public.

Some topics she refers to are the attractiveness of the job of a professor, short-term delays in employment because of economic crises, and funding shortfalls in German universities which are especially bad for resource-rich subjects like chemistry.

Professor Albert is looking forward to a cooperation minded by goal-orientation, transparency, and joy of discussion. For this she takes for granted that the members of the GDCh are active in equal opportunities for women, men, younger and older people. “I am looking forward to a colorful GDCh which brings its enthusiasm for chemistry into the world and will be seen by the world with joy.”


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