Paul Anastas Leaving EPA

Paul Anastas Leaving EPA

Author: ChemViews

Paul T. Anastas, head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s research program since December 2009, will leave the agency in mid-February and return to Yale University, New Haven, USA. He has been on leave from Yale while at EPA.

Only a few months ago, Steve Owens, EPA toxics chief, left the agency for a position in the private sector. Ramona Trovato, ORD associate assistant administrator, is said to may assume Anastas EPA responsibilities.

Professor Paul Anastas is the Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Research and Development and the Science Advisor to the Agency. He was the founding Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute and has been recognized for his pioneering work on green chemistry with a host of awards and accolades including the Vice President’s Hammer Award, the Joseph Seifter Award for Scientific Excellence, the Nolan Sommer Award for Distinguished Contributions to Chemistry.

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