Most Accessed Articles: January 2012

Most Accessed Articles: January 2012

Author: ChemViews

The most-accessed chemistry articles from ChemPubSoc Europe and GDCh journals for January 2012 were:

Alan Nadin, Channa Hattotuwagama, Ian Churcher*
Lead-Oriented Synthesis: A New Opportunity for Synthetic Chemistry [Minireview]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, vol. 51, p. 1114

Eduardo Paredes, Subha R. Das*
Click Chemistry for Rapid Labeling and Ligation of RNA [Full Paper]
ChemBioChem 2011, vol. 12, p. 125

Jiann-Horng Lin, Vadim V. Guliants*
Supported Copper Catalysts Prepared from Colloidal Copper for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction [Communication]
ChemCatChem 2011, vol. 3, p. 1426

P. Alexandridis*
Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis, Morphology Control, and Stabilization Facilitated by Functional Polymers [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2011, vol. 34, p. 15

Klaus Roth, Erich Lück
Die Saccharin-Saga [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2011, vol. 45, p. 406

Christian Chmelik, Hartwig Voß, Helge Bux, Jürgen Caro*
Adsorption and Diffusion – Basis for Molecular Understanding of Permeation through Molecular Sieve Membranes [Forschungsarbeiten]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2011, vol. 83, p. 104

Mijanur Rahaman Molla, Suhrit Ghosh*
Hydrogen-Bonding-Mediated J-Aggregation and White-Light Emission from a Remarkably Simple, Single-Component, Naphthalenediimide Chromophore [Communication]
Chem. Eur. J. 2012, vol. 18, p. 1290

Naohiko Yoshikai, Sobi Asako, Takeshi Yamakawa, Laurean Ilies, Eiichi Nakamura*
Iron-Catalyzed C-H Bond Activation for the ortho-Arylation of Aryl Pyridines and Imines with Grignard Reagents [Full Paper]
Chem. Asian J. 2011, vol. 6, p. 3059

Stefan Peukert*, Karen Miller-Moslin*
Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway as Cancer Therapeutics [Review]
ChemMedChem 2010, vol. 5, p. 500

Sven Rühle*, Menny Shalom, Arie Zaban*
Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells [Review]
ChemPhysChem 2010, vol. 11, p. 2290

Sunho Choi, Jeffrey H. Drese, Christopher W. Jones*
Adsorbent Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Large Anthropogenic Point Sources [Review]
ChemSusChem 2009, vol. 2, p. 796

Knežević, Nikola Ž.; Slowing, Igor I.; Lin, Victor S.‐Y.
Tuning the Release of Anticancer Drugs from Magnetic Iron Oxide/Mesoporous Silica Core/Shell Nanoparticles [Full Paper]
ChemPlusChem 2012, vol. 77, p. 48

Viet-Hoang Nguyen, Laure Vendier, Michel Etienne, Emmanuelle Despagnet-Ayoub, Pierre-Alain R. Breuil, Lionel Magna, David Proriol, Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou, Christian Lorber*
Titanium–Imido Complexes with Pendant Groups – Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of Their Role as Precatalysts for Ethylene Polymerization [Full Paper]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, p. 97

Cheng Zhong, Xiaodong Shi*
When Organocatalysis Meets Transition-Metal Catalysis [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2010, p. 2999

Inhaltsverzeichnis: 1/2010 [Inhaltsverzeichnis]
Lebensmittelchemie, 10.1002/lemi.201090003

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