Delivering Drugs with Titanium

Delivering Drugs with Titanium

Author: Evenda Dench

A series of titanium oxides was prepared by using surfactant-template method (STM). They were used as carriers to provide the sustained release of the painkiller ibuprofen under simulated biological conditions. Michela Signoretti and colleagues, University Ca’Foscari and the University of Turin, Italy, have developed a procedure which allows the structure and morphology of a TiO2 matrix to be varied so that the release rate and amount of drug to be delivered can be controlled. It is a good alternative to the current methods employed to prepare TiO2-based drug-delivery systems.

The drug delivery was evaluated in vitro in four different physiological solutions that simulated the gastrointestinal tract. It is the first example of such a study. The stability of the TiO2 matrix under acidic conditions and the drug release rates at intestinal pH show that the TiO2-based system is a feasible carrier for an oral drug-delivery system.

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