Designing Dendrimers

Designing Dendrimers

Author: ChemViews

Dendrimers are repeatedly branched macromolecules with a perfectly defined structure—a key feature, which has allowed dendrimers to find important applications in biotechnology and materials science.

The book Designing Dendrimers, edited by Sebastiano Campagna, Paula Ceroni, and Fausto Puntoriero is reviewed by David K. Smith, University of York, UK.

Smith writes that this book is a collection of chapters from some of the leading experts in the field and is logically organized to convey the development of the field.

It is his view that this book provides a very good overview of the core of dendrimer chemistry. It branches out well in the materials, and particularly in photo-optical areas of the subject. In his view there is a significant missed opportunity in the lack of articles describing the application of dendritic structures in biology, pharmacy, and medicine. Nonetheless, he recommends the book for researchers in the area as an up-to-date collection of high-quality articles.

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