Society Journals Leading the Pack

Society Journals Leading the Pack

Author: ChemViews

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) published a graph demonstrating the high quality of society journals compared to other publishers’ chemistry journals. Their data showed the RSC being first, followed by the American Chemical Society (ACS). The analysis was based on the percentage of journals with Impact Factors over 5.0.

This made us curious:

How does this look for ChemPubSoc Europe (CPSE), the organization of 16 European chemical societies that have joined forces to publish not only ChemViews magazine – which you are just reading –, but also a suite of market-leading peer-reviewed journals like Chemistry – A European Journal together with Wiley-VCH?
CPSE publishes ten journals and supports one more, Chemistry – An Asian Journal. In addition, the GDCh, a member society, publishes the sister journal Angewandte Chemie also through Wiley-VCH.

Figure. Percentage of journals with Impact Factor over 5.0.
Only the ISI categories Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology were considered; journals too young to have an impact factor were not considered; data for Elsevier and T&E/Informa were taken from RSC graph.

According to the figure, CPSE is leading the pack: 40.00 % of the ChemPubSoc Europe journals have an Impact Factor over 5.0. 38.46 % of the RSC’s and 38.24 % of the ACS’s journals have an Impact Factor over 5.0.

Journals published by the societies, whether through their own publishing operation (ACS, RSC) or through a professional publishing house (CPSE/Wiley-VCH), guarantee very high quality.

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