Guess the Chemist (9)

Guess the Chemist (9)

Author: ChemViews

The person we are looking for had a profound impact on the organization and funding structure of scientific research in Japan.

In 1913, this chemist, along with other leaders from science and government, began to discuss the need for a Japanese national research institute. RIKEN was established in 1917 as a result of these discussions and has gone on to become one of the largest natural science research institutes in Japan with over 3,000 researchers on several campuses.

In 1931, a meeting of the heads of the Imperial Academy, of which this person was president, resolved to establish an institution for the promotion of sciences in Japan. The aim of the institution would be to select talented researchers and subsidize their research. As a result of this chemist’s efforts, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JPSP) was established in 1932 as a non-profit foundation, endowed by Emperor Showa. This person served as the founding president of the JSPS, which now plays a pivotal role in the administration of Japan’s scientific and academic programs.

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